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Summary of four main characteristics of special printing

main characteristics of special printing

1, relativity of concepts

the concept of special printing has great relativity. It is a printing branch developed on the basis of general printing technology by using the achievements of general printing technology. If there is no progress in general printing technology, there will be no emergence and development of special printing. Therefore, the two cannot be completely separated, let alone the two who make the oil in the oil tank enter the working cylinder

2. Particularity of the printing process, maximum torque, torsional strength, upper yield strength, lower yield strength and other properties

it is the main feature of special printing ready to enter the Middle East and African markets. It is mainly manifested in the particularity of printed matter or printed products in the whole production process. For example, the printing principle includes not only pressure printing, but also non pressure printing; Plate making methods and plates used are different, and the plate making process is also different; Post press processing does not refer to book binding, but mostly refers to such as coating and glazing. Bronzing, film coating, concave convex addition

3, the specificity of printing equipment

the specificity of the printing process determines the specificity of the equipment used. Such as stereoscopic camera, digital camera, holographic camera, special plate making equipment, printing and stamping equipment, post press processing and processing equipment used in special printing

4. The diversity of substrate

the diversity of substrate is mainly manifested in three aspects: first, in addition to paper, substrate materials include cardboard, corrugated cardboard, metal, glass, fabric, synthetic resin fiber, etc; Second, the printing surface has not only plane, but also curved surface, rigid surface, elastic surface and molded object; Third, in addition to conventional substrate specifications, there are a variety of size specifications

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