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Southeast scientific instrument is looking for dealers all over the country in 2009. Brookfield Chinese version viscometer dv-c is sold exclusively in the Chinese market, and is looking for a national agent in 2009

the new Brookfield Chinese viscometer DVC is on the stage! Brookfield original warranty commitment: one year warranty, lifelong maintenance after the warranty period. Replace the original economical DV-E viscometer, welcome to inquire

the new dv-c rotary viscometer is the world's leading viscometer. The industrial standard of viscometer: a new product launched by Brookfield Engineering Laboratory Co., Ltd. in the United States for the Chinese market

brookfield is the synonym of viscometer, which has formulated and continued the industrial standard of viscosity measurement. American bolifei Engineering Laboratory Co., Ltd. (BEL) has established a leading square steel strand in the field of viscosity and rheometer for about 70 years, and the market share has reached more than 70%

in order to meet the needs of quality testing and product research and development in China's polymer materials, coating, chemical industry, medicine, food and other industrial fields, and allow more Chinese users to master the use of viscometers conveniently and quickly, Brookfield accepted the suggestions of southeast scientific instrument () as China's first-class agent (the main agent in Asia). After many years, it finally launched a high-quality and inexpensive dv-c Chinese version of Digital Viscometer for the Chinese market! Brookfield original warranty commitment: one year warranty, lifelong maintenance after the warranty period

dv-c viscometer is a new product that not only maintains high quality but also caters to customers with tight budgets. It has the following remarkable characteristics:

first: dv-c's stress sensor is a high-density sensor; There are four stress sensing points per revolution, which can respond quickly, while some imitation products have only one sensing point per revolution. At low rotational speed, the number of sensing points determines the refresh of viscosity measurement data, but the price of improving material quality through recycling, collection and post-processing changes is an expensive frequency. For example, under the measurement condition of 1 revolution/minute, if there is only one sensing point, it takes 60 seconds for new data to be generated, It is impossible to carry out practical application at all

II: the machining accuracy of the rotor of dv-c viscometer has reached a very high technological level. Therefore, if one of the rotors is accidentally damaged, you can buy a new rotor instead of sending the whole viscometer back to the factory for rotor viscometer pairing correction

III: in order to meet the needs of the Chinese market, the manufacturer printed Chinese logos on dv-c products, which is extremely simple to operate. As the general agent, Southeast scientific instrument prepared Chinese version of operation instructions and installation materials for users

★ functions and advantages

* the cheapest digital display viscometer specially developed for users in the Chinese market

* imported from the United States, all excellent Jiangsu Jinfa technology with both brands has built a multi-level and high-level technology research and development platform quality and performance

* with accurate measurement, reliable performance and service quality

* full Chinese operation panel logo, easy to operate, turn on the switch, Turn the knob to measure

* viscosity CP (centipoise) or MPA can be read directly without consulting the viscosity calculator S (millipascal second) value and torque value%

* 18 speeds can meet different measurement ranges

* the accuracy range is +/- 0.1%, and the reproducibility is ± 0.2%. You can use the same brand of products anywhere in the world, and the test results are consistent

* the DV operation training CD and the full Chinese instruction manual shall be delivered with the machine

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