The hottest Southern flood season gradually fades,

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In the flood season in southern China, the glass price is gradually reduced or adjusted

the overall situation of the glass industry has improved, the overall efficiency of the industry has improved, and the inventory of manufacturers is also low. In addition, as the flood season in the South gradually passed, the scope of glass sales expanded, the production and sales rate increased, and the glass price also showed a strong rebound again

the spot price rose as a whole

although in the off-season of construction demand, the glass futures market price continued to rise at the end of June, and the spot market also performed prominently, especially the price focus of the main production area of Shahe glass continued to rise. The hot real estate market at the beginning of the year provided a lot of power and confidence to the future demand of the building materials market. In the first half of the year, the sales volume of Shahe glass was generally good, and the market efficiency was also improved. In addition to the decline in the construction operation rate during the busy agricultural season and the short-term adjustment of the market, the price generally showed an upward trend. Although the overall performance of the southern market is not as good as that of the northern region, the resumption of production capacity and the increase of new construction in the early stage, coupled with the impact of the rainstorm in June and July, the transportation of goods is blocked, the inventory of production enterprises has increased, and the price has been adjusted. However, as the recent rainy season has generally faded, the sales scope of manufacturers has expanded, and in order to create an atmosphere, the ex factory prices of various manufacturers have increased by different ranges. In the future, the price is expected to be adjusted to ensure delivery

the speed of capacity launch slowed down

in terms of capacity, after the release of new capacity in the early stage and the resumption of cold repair capacity, there has been no new capacity since mid June. On the one hand, it is subject to the pressure of environmental protection. After taking down the extension plan, it will break the sample. On the other hand, the strength of the composite materials company and strength Institute of United aviation industry in the early hot real estate trading market began to weaken, and the month on month growth rate of house prices in the first and second tier cities has reached an inflection point, Third and fourth tier cities continue to focus on destocking, which may reduce the consumption of building glass. Some manufacturers with ignition plans are in a wait-and-see mood. Once the ignition is started, the operating rate is inconvenient to be easily adjusted, resulting in a slowdown in the ignition speed of new capacity. It is understood that only Henan Zhonglian first-line 700 tons, Shandong Jurun second-line 700 tons and Zibo Jinjing first-line 400 tons have the intention to ignite recently. The slowdown in the rate of capacity increase has led to the weakening of pressure from the supply side, which provides a certain impetus for the market to strengthen in the peak season

driven by the improvement of production and sales in the glass industry, the bad rainy season 9, the gradual weakening of the impact during the experiment and the slowdown in the rate of production capacity increase, the overall performance of glass spot is good, and it is expected that the future market of glass will continue to be strong and volatile

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