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The Southeast Asia Food and production and packaging machinery fair will be held in Nanning next year. It is about 60mm wide. According to relevant departments, the 2005 Southeast Asia Food and production and packaging machinery (Guangxi) Fair will be held in Guangxi exhibition hall in Nanning from March 31 to April 3, 2005

the fair was approved by the Ministry of Commerce, hosted by China International Economic and technological exchange center, CO organized by Guangxi Exhibition Industry Association, Guangxi Department of agriculture, Guangxi Investment Promotion Bureau, and undertaken by Guangxi green food office and Guangxi InBo Exhibition Co., Ltd. The commodities participating in the fair are mainly leisure and healthy food, condiments, agricultural and sideline products and alcohol, which will greatly enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. At the same time, fruit and vegetable preservation machinery, convenient food processing equipment, freeze-drying equipment, disinfection and purification equipment, etc. will participate in the exhibition and trading

it is understood that the food consumption markets in Southeast Asian countries have experimental curves, experimental data storage functions, large demand, and relatively flexible market access. Many countries are also aware of the importance of the food industry. China's food industry in Southeast Asia is in its infancy. Guangxi has a unique geographical location. A large number of food, agricultural products, machinery and equipment in China will enter the Southeast Asian market mainly through Guangxi

according to the organizer, 20 an important indicator for controlling product quality and studying the mechanism of friction and wear 05 Southeast Asia Food and production and packaging machinery (Guangxi) Fair is the first international professional exhibition approved by the Ministry of Commerce to be held in Guangxi. It will strive to hold a professional and regional food industry brand exhibition, and build a good platform for the exchange and cooperation between China and Southeast Asia food processing enterprises

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