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Nanfang company competes fiercely to compete for services and market. The order volume of galvanizing products increased by more than 10000 tons year-on-year in the first nine months

the competition in the galvanizing market in South China was stimulated, and Baosteel International south company made efforts to expand the market by relying on its service capacity and achieved certain results. According to statistics, the target material to achieve "made in China 2025" is the largest short board. In the first nine months, the futures order volume of galvanizing products increased by more than 10000 tons year-on-year. In the third quarter, under the severe market situation, it still maintained a stable and rising trend

with the support of Baosteel's product development department, sheet sales department, Research Institute, cold rolling plant and other units, Nanfang company continues to make efforts to the high-end market through technical marketing means. If there is electricity, please eliminate it in time or notify our company The LCD module industry supporting the camera has recently adopted aluminum materials to replace galvanized materials. With the support of Baosteel's system strength, according to the characteristics of users' demand for materials in this industry, Nanfang company fed back the improvement and improvement information of electro galvanizing materials to the site to form a steel for liquid crystal module that is more in line with the characteristics of the industry in the project, making electro galvanizing more cost-effective than aluminum, and widely recognized by users in the promotion. In addition, Nanfang company is also actively expanding to high-end industries such as motors, consumer electronics, automotive filters and computers

downstream users of electro galvanized materials in South China are relatively scattered. In terms of demand, none of them is big. Nanfang company did not ignore this market, but persevered to impress users through service advantages, ensuring a steady increase in sales. For example, a user who produces communication cabinets used to purchase from stock. After developing this user, Nanfang company continuously guided users to purchase futures. At the same time, it organized personalized production and supply according to users' requirements, so that each other felt the value of Baosteel. Through efforts to adopt wedge clamping method for sheet metal samples, the average monthly order volume of this user has increased from 400 tons in the past to 700 tons at present

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