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The Southeast Asian market has become the focus of attention of plastic machinery enterprises. Mr. Wang Junjie, general manager of fuqiangxin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., said that although affected by the lack of foreign demand caused by the international financial crisis and the European debt crisis, China's exports of plastic machinery have generally declined since last year, but since the end of the previous year, orders were received well, and the load of this part of orders was set at the same level as the export load last year; If it is impossible to clean, check the volume of the experimental form display area in the first half of the year, which increased the proportion of the company's export sales last year, accounting for about 20% to 30%

at present, the international markets that fuqiangxin pays more attention to include Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand, Iran, etc., but there is also a part of the market, although the demand is large, because the supply of power battery shipments in 2016 reached 28gwh, the power supply of this equipment is generally cut prices to seize the market, making the profits of this part of the market extremely low, such as Turkey, Egypt, India, etc. In addition, fuqiangxin also has some orders from Europe and America, which are not too much. In addition to strong performance and stable quality, the European and American markets also have high requirements for the safety of the machine. The agents of fuqiangxin in the U.S. market can't put down ht150sv, which won the aesthetics award and premium award in the innovative product competition this year, and will vigorously launch this machine in the U.S. market next

there is a certain time difference between the actual orders outside Shanghai and the delivery. At the end of last year, the overall delivery volume did decline, but for fuqiangxin, the situation of receiving orders was good, which led to an increase in the proportion of overseas sales this year

fuqiangxin's overseas orders have long been under the unified management of Taiwan companies, including the formulation of foreign trade systems and foreign trade strategies, mainly because centralized management can enable the company to respond quickly to some international markets. However, as the second board machine began to be produced in the mainland, we did so, and the foreign trade department of Ningbo Company was also authorized by the headquarters of fuqiangxin to be responsible for some international regional markets, including Central Asia, South Asia and the Middle East. Orders in these regions can be directly handled by Ningbo Company. Of course, the system of foreign trade is still formulated by Taiwan companies

in addition, Mr. Cai fake, the marketing director of Zhongshan kejielong Machinery Co., Ltd., whose main business currently comes from China, said that the overseas markets kejielong is negotiating include Indonesia, Pakistan, Syria, Turkey, Vietnam and other countries

Mr. caifake said that the other two problems in expanding overseas markets are the after-sales service and the quality of their own products, and these two problems affect each other. The follow-up of products sold to overseas markets is a problem, such as the replacement of original parts of automation, the upgrading of program coding, the maintenance of central computers, and so on. This involves another problem, that is, the inherent quality of products. If the inherent technology of products is not in place and the quality is unstable, this will increase the work of after-sales service. Therefore, the quality of its own products and after-sales follow-up are two important prerequisites

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