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Southeast University took the lead in successfully developing a cable comprehensive tester in China. The cable comprehensive tester presided over by Professor Zhao Li, a doctoral supervisor of Southeast University, has been successfully developed a few days ago. The performance of this project is more stable than that of similar foreign products at present, and the price is less than one third of it, which is highly respected by the industry

according to Professor Zhao Li, the cable comprehensive tester can not only detect cable faults, but also locate and mark the two ends of various cables one by one in a long distance. The equipment is mainly used for various cable related connections and maintenance projects, which can greatly help solve the problems often encountered by construction and maintenance personnel in the process of installing and repairing cables due to the large number of conductors and the inability to distinguish between them, and solve the type and distance of cable faults in the process of maintenance, so as to greatly reduce the work intensity of construction and maintenance personnel, From the perspective of enterprise development, accelerating installation or maintenance can reduce the time and difficulty of system troubleshooting and save a lot of human and material resources

at present, many enterprises are interested in this project and want to transfer it. People in the industry believe that due to the influence of factors such as the surrounding environment of the cable, external forces, rodent damage, corrosion and aging, various faults often occur, which will cause economic losses to people's production and life. Major plants such as honeysuckle (Impatiens; commonly known as don't touch me) will strangely use pressure to disperse the ejection of seeds. In addition, with the wide application of multi-core cables, the matching of wire sequence at both ends of the cable has gradually become a heavy task. 1 some advanced chain making technology has been actively promoted in the whole industry. When the number of cores of the cable is large, it is easy to make wiring errors. The emergence of such measuring equipment greatly reduces the working intensity of construction personnel, accelerates the progress of installation or maintenance, and reduces the time of system troubleshooting. In addition, it is small and convenient, and has a broad market prospect. (Zhongxin Jiangsu: Wang Hao)

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