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Schneider signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hengshui Haijiang filter press

Hengshui, China. On April 10, 2012, Schneider Electric, a global energy efficiency management expert, recently announced the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement with Hengshui Haijiang filter press group company. This cooperation has opened a precedent for Schneider Electric in the solid-liquid separation solution. The two sides will strengthen cooperation in model research and development, scheme certification, equipment commissioning, after-sales service and other links, so as to maximize the complementary advantages, meet the diversified needs of end users, and further promote the overall development of the filter press industry

Mr. liulixin, director of OEM customer department of Schneider Electric China Industrial Division, pointed out that this strategic cooperation conforms to the current economic environment and meets the strategic development needs of both sides, marking the rise of Schneider Electric and Hengshui Haijiang from a simple relationship of supply and demand to a full set of solutions for machine automation. In the future, both sides will jointly face the market competition of end users, combine Hengshui Haijiang's grasp of machine industry application and Schneider Electric's control of automation solutions, create value for end users, further promote the overall development of filter press industry, and bring new opportunities for the future blueprint of both sides

at the signing ceremony, Mr. Qin Haijiang, chairman of the board of directors of Hengshui Haijiang Filter Press Group Co., Ltd., said: Hengshui Haijiang is a leading enterprise in the domestic filter press industry. Schneider Electric, as a global energy efficiency management expert, its advanced automation products and solutions have also been recognized by customers in all walks of life. Both sides have multi market competitiveness and will further improve years of cooperation experience. I believe that through this strategic cooperation, we can promote the improvement of both sides in each other's industries, and get a better reputation in the end-user side and increase the share faster. Schneider Electric's move will become a strong technical support and quality assurance for Hengshui Haijiang

Schneider strategic cooperation signing ceremony

after the signing of the cooperation agreement, Schneider Electric will provide Hengshui Haijiang with a complete set of solutions from programmable controllers to low-voltage components, and provide corresponding technical support in pre-sales, in-sales, after-sales and other links to control the copyright of the project, help partners optimize costs, improve performance, complete safety levels, and strengthen reliability, Improve the advantages of equipment while achieving energy conservation and efficiency. The signing of this agreement is the beginning of the establishment of in-depth cooperation between the two sides. In the future, we will deeply tap the needs of both sides, carry out interactive cooperation in many aspects and angles, and share experience from supply chain and production line optimization to product innovation and sales growth. In terms of market publicity, the two sides will also jointly participate in or arrange exhibitions to expand the industry's understanding of the joint positioning of strong countries and promote the further implementation of the strategy

with the development of modern industry, enterprises now put forward higher and broader requirements for solid-liquid separation technology and equipment. According to the social needs of mineral processing, metallurgy, petroleum, coal, chemical industry, food, environmental protection and other industries, the application of solid-liquid separation technology and equipment has been promoted, and the breadth and depth of its application fields are still expanding. The introduction of the 12th Five Year Plan has further promoted the market demand for filter presses. Within this five-year plan, the industry data will double. The strong cooperation between Schneider Electric and Hengshui Haijiang filter press group has laid a solid foundation for both sides to achieve rapid growth in the filter press industry market

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