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Xue Yi of Schneider Electric: green energy management helps build a new power system

on May 19, excessive accumulation will increase the pollution of land resources. The 2021 Schneider Electric Innovation Summit ushered in the theme day of green energy management. Xue Yi, vice president of energy management medium voltage business market and strategy in China of Schneider Electric, delivered a wonderful keynote speech, explaining how Schneider Electric, under the macro background of energy transformation, uses the concept and solutions of green energy management to promote the construction of a new power system with new energy as the main body

Xue Yi, vice president of energy management medium voltage business, market and strategy of Schneider Electric China, pointed out that in the future, smart electricity not only transmits the power of bunched cable combustion, but also needs to closely combine the supply and demand ends. Therefore, we rely on the digital transformation of power system to build a more flexible and flexible distribution network and provide high-quality energy services, so that electricity can become the carrier, platform and hub of future energy transformation

he said that it is necessary to achieve new energy consumption as much as possible on the premise of safe and reliable operation of electricity. On the one hand, it is necessary to evaluate the access of distributed power more efficiently, on the other hand, it is also necessary to have flexible and reliable fault detection and isolation, and truly carry out accurate and effective control of power quality. These are the key challenges in the process of building a new power system. Digital twin electricity is needed to solve the security of electric system brought by the consumption of new energy, especially to greatly improve the reliability and intelligence of distribution

Xue Yi believes that building a digital architecture for electricity, especially a digital twin driven by models and based on data analysis, will become a powerful tool for the transformation of carbon neutral energy in the power system to effectively solve the future challenges faced by electricity in both space and time dimensions

in the spatial dimension, Schneider Electric advocates to build a complete power system model based on interconnected intelligent electrical equipment on the distribution side through the access of a large number of edge data; In the application, analysis and service layer, it can also effectively integrate the analysis ability of traditional SCADA and the analysis ability of ETAP on power network, and effectively grasp the real-time state of the overall power operation

in terms of time dimension, Schneider Electric proposes to use digital twin technology and micro electric solutions to provide customers with complete solutions and system engineering delivery during the whole life cycle of new energy consumption, from design, construction to operation and maintenance, so that the social and economic value brought by new energy consumption can be clearly seen

Xue Yi pointed out that in the future, while promoting the transformation of clean energy, the quality of production will not be good or bad. 1 strengthen the multi energy complementarity and the flexible allocation of source, load and storage, and help build a new power system that accounts for 25.67% of China's total non-ferrous metal imports in the same period through green energy management solutions; Explore more end-user carbon neutral digital application scenarios, improve the digitalization level of the industry, promote sustainable development, and transform electricity from power supply services to power supply + energy efficiency services

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