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Schneider: seize the opportunity of the great development of China's coal industry

China Energy News: the proportion of China's coal business in Schneider Electric's global coal industry business? How to view the development potential of Schneider Electric in China's coal industry

diegoreces: China's coal business plays a decisive role in Schneider Electric's global coal industry. Although our current business volume is limited, our potential and growth rate in China are far higher than those in other countries. The reason is that Schneider Electric has 20 or 30 years of high-speed business development in other countries. With the slowdown of economic development in the above countries, the coal industry has entered a relatively mature period. Therefore, in these countries, we pay more attention to the upgrading and transformation of existing businesses. However, in China, we still make great efforts to develop coal projects. In particular, China is implementing the strategy of developing the West and the construction of coal mine infrastructure of more than 10 million tons, which brings us potential business opportunities unmatched by mature countries

China Energy News: what opportunities and challenges does China's coal industry integration and restructuring and the gradual transfer of its industrial base to the West bring to Schneider Electric

diegoreces: with the gradual transfer of China's industrial development to the West and inland, Schneider Electric is also implementing the western strategy, investing a large number of personnel and resources in the west, which is our response to the whole industry, including the coal industry, to enter the West

from the perspective of Schneider Electric providing solutions, we are concerned about how to help users achieve environmental friendliness by reducing costs. B) the ratio of the windward sectional area of the tested product to the total area of the laboratory chamber on the section is not more than (35 ~ 50)% (35 is recommended), energy intensity and improving production capacity to increase the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises and even the whole industry. Globally, we have a lot of cooperation with many well-known coal or mining groups, and we are very willing to introduce our professional technology and management experience in the world to China, and deeply integrate the actual situation of China's mining development

our strategy will always adhere to two principles: one is the market trend, the other is the customer demand under the market situation. Our global mining headquarters in China shows that Schneider Electric has placed the global mining strategic center in China. The market development trend in China's mining industry is obvious. In the next step, we will further understand China's needs, and combine Schneider Electric's experience and resources 195 PVC door and window transmission locks with the Chinese market and customer needs to provide a more comprehensive and efficient energy solution

China Energy News: what is the focus of Schneider Electric in China's mining industry, especially in the coal field

diegoreces: for Schneider Electric, we are committed to helping users maximize and optimize resources, including personnel, raw materials, energy, assets, production equipment, etc. We will help users solve the very thorny but necessary problems: first, safety, through automated production, integrated data collection or monitoring to achieve safe production; Second, energy and environment, reduce emissions and consumption at the same time of production; Third, capacity, based on the optimization and upgrading of existing systems to produce more

China Energy News: for Chinese mining enterprises, especially Chinese coal mining enterprises, how does Schneider Electric implement and localize its experience

diegoreces: for Schneider Electric, many products are global products and international solutions. When entering China, there must be a localization process. The basic localization includes two aspects: one is our software and hardware system, so as to produce better and more exquisite experimental machines in China. The equipment country should comply with GB standards to meet the use requirements of Chinese users; In addition, when we use a large number of software systems, we need to have corresponding translations to adapt to the usage habits of Chinese users

the so-called localization is actually the localization of some of our experts' experience. Schneider Electric has a lot of professional and sufficient experience in mining and coal industries all over the world, but the automation level and management level in China have not yet reached. We introduce these experiences to China, especially through uneven distribution, to communicate with our Chinese design units and application units, and localize these experiences according to their needs

our value proposition in China is to help users increase production and profits by using better services. To achieve this goal, in addition to the improvement of technology, a very important point is our expert experience. For Schneider Electric, we have been deeply involved in the informatization construction of some large mining groups around the world, and many of our experts are members of the expert group of the informatization planning of the above group

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