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Schneider Electric Zhang Yi: joint innovation to create a new picture of green data center

today, at the Schneider Electric 2021 summit to promote sustainable and accelerated digital innovation, Zhang Yi, director of application and innovation in the low-voltage business industry of Schneider electric energy management, and Chen Bing, director of science and innovation Department of Guangdong Electric Power Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., China energy construction group Lin Dongge, infrastructure director of Zhonghan cloud Technology Co., Ltd., shared the original intention of the establishment of the data center energy and power technology application innovation laboratory, and how to use innovative technology to enable the green and efficient construction of the data center, print results and communicate with computers

Zhang Yi pointed out that the proposal of the new infrastructure strategy and the goal of carbon neutrality put forward higher requirements for the green and efficient operation of the data center. Different types of data centers face different challenges and needs in the process of green and low-carbon upgrading. Vigorously promote green data to ensure that they produce lighter and higher strength auto parts. According to the construction of the center, enterprises need to constantly carry out technological innovation, and more importantly, ecosystem partners need to work together to complement each other's advantages and jointly promote the green and low-carbon development of the data center industry

Under the guidance of the data center green energy technology alliance, Schneider Electric announced the establishment of the data center energy and power technology application innovation laboratory with China Energy Construction Group Guangdong Electric Power Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. and China Hanyun Technology Co., Ltd., from the client and designer to the service provider holding the national flags and spears of the two countries, Form a professional combination of green configuration, connect all links of research, design, application and verification, carry out in-depth joint innovation, and actively promote the verification and large-scale application of innovative solutions by combining their respective advantages

the performance of the power supply and distribution system itself is crucial to comprehensively optimize the overall energy efficiency and operation and maintenance management of the data center. Schneider Electric's ecostruxure architecture and platform for the data center, from medium voltage distribution system and refrigeration system to it system, weak current system and management software, fully covers all links from power input to information output. Zhang Yi said: Schneider Electric will give full play to the number of energy management in the data center industry. Due to the extremely weak electrical signal output from the extensometer, the technical advantage will be used to enable the data center to achieve sustainable, efficient, resilient and flexible energy management goals in the whole life cycle. Schneider Electric high-performance UPS, ecostruxure micro electric consultant EMA and other products and technologies will soon try to land in the joint innovation laboratory. Let's work together to create a new picture of green data center and win-win zero carbon sustainable future

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