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Schneider focuses on data center cloud readiness and cloud sustainability

in the era of cloud computing and big data, the energy dilemma and the promotion of digitalization and smart cities have jointly spawned the new economic growth model of energy efficiency economy. Energy efficiency cloud originates from the integration of information technology and energy technology, and the highly available, flexible, scalable, easy to manage and efficient data center is the foundation of energy efficiency economy, which has achieved energy efficiency cloud and promoted cloud energy efficiency. Huang CHENHONG, senior vice president of Schneider Electric worldwide and President of APC Greater China, said at the 2014 Schneider Electric Data Center Innovation Summit recently

indeed, at present, China's data center construction has begun to take shape, but it still faces new challenges such as scale expansion, increasingly complex structure, high data carrying capacity and rising energy costs. Its future development still needs a clearer direction

in Huang Chen's view, China's data centers are clearly polarized. On the one hand, due to the rise of cloud computing, the scale of data centers is becoming larger and larger, and the number of large and super large cloud computing data centers is also increasing; On the other hand, there will be many localized data centers at the edge of the client. Because they can handle their favorite enterprise customers, their requirements for data processing, storage and computing capabilities are getting higher and higher. Localized data centers will still play the role of private cloud and data transmission, resulting in rigid demand

in order to meet the new requirements of building energy efficiency clouds and improving cloud energy efficiency under the energy efficiency economy, Schneider Electric has always been committed to providing comprehensive and integrated data center solutions for the whole life cycle of the data center, so that the planning, design, construction and operation of the data center become faster, more efficient, more scalable, and the total cost of ownership is lower

Huang CHENHONG believes that in order to improve the speed, cost performance and performance of the data center, it is necessary to cooperate with partners of all parties, focus on cloud readiness and cloud sustainability, promote the standardization and intelligent development of the data center, which is also the theme of this summit - the concept and direction focused on the value of smart energy efficiency in the cloud, and help users easily solve the construction of data center infrastructure, And then focus on its core business areas

in order to adapt to the changing market and customer needs, Schneider Electric launched a series of new measures at the summit, covering products, solutions, services and market promotion, including:

Galaxy VM uninterruptible power supply

as a key component of Schneider Electric Gas data center and industrial application energy efficiency management solutions, Galaxy VM uninterruptible power supply adopts the innovative Schneider econversion super energy efficiency mode, with an efficiency of up to 99%, with high availability, cross platform, easy installation, easy configuration and other characteristics

inrow 2 generation row refrigeration

inrow industry concentration is low these problems 2 generation row refrigeration is a new generation of innovative refrigeration products close to the heat source, which can adjust the refrigeration capacity and air volume with the change of load, not only meet the refrigeration demand, solve the problem of high heat density, but also minimize the refrigeration energy consumption

prefabricated modular solution

prefabricated modular solution significantly simplifies the process of planning, design and construction of the data center, making the deployment of the data center faster and more predictable. At the same time, it has the characteristics of synchronous expansion with business, high security and reliability

infrastructure operation services

can maximize the availability of facilities and minimize the risk of downtime, so that enterprise managers can avoid the loss caused by downtime and focus on their core business. Help Zhujiang life insurance and Tian'an life insurance, the operators of the data center, win 380million yuan and 200million yuan of universal insurance premium income in three minutes to reduce the total cost of ownership, and continue to operate, monitor and optimize throughout the life cycle of the data center

energy efficiency data center certification

provide energy efficiency certification for all data centers that join in or deploy Schneider Electric solutions, helping customers win the trust of users while obtaining brand assurance. At this Innovation Summit, Shenzhen Baode Technology Group Co., Ltd. became the first company to obtain the certification of Schneider electric energy efficiency data center without scientific demonstration and practical test

in addition to constantly bringing forth new data center products and solutions, Schneider Electric also links with the advantageous products of other business divisions, and uses its solutions in the fields of power distribution, automation and buildings to provide customers with a full range of data center products and services to meet the business oriented and customer-centric brand concept

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