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Yin Zheng of Schneider Electric attended the Symposium of the International Advisory Committee on advanced manufacturing

Beijing, China, October 23, 2019 - recently, Yin Zheng, global executive vice president of Schneider Electric and President of China, and other heads of global manufacturing leading enterprises attended the Symposium of the International Advisory Committee on advanced manufacturing to jointly promote advanced manufacturing in China, promote the high-quality development of manufacturing in China Suggestions and suggestions on industrial digital transformation

The senior Advisory Committee on international cooperation in advanced manufacturing industry was initiated by the Chinese people's Association for friendship with foreign countries. At this year's symposium, the delegates said that manufacturing is the lifeblood of national economic development. In today's world, technological progress has a significant impact on industrial development, and manufacturing enterprises can play an important role. We welcome the measures taken by the Chinese government to reduce taxes and fees, streamline administration and delegate power, and strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, which we believe will help promote the development of advanced manufacturing. As a global leader in energy efficiency management and automation, and an expert in the digital transformation of the two-level limit protection domain of program control and machinery, Schneider Electric's innovative technology and rich practical experience accumulated in the world provide strong support for the upgrading of China's advanced manufacturing industry

as China's economy has shifted from high-speed growth to high-quality development, promoting high-quality industrialization is an inevitable requirement of the new era. In Schneider Electric's view, in order to further promote industrialization, we must actively embrace digital technology, take intelligent manufacturing as the main direction, implement green intelligent manufacturing, promote green industrial development, and explore a high-quality industrial development path suitable for China's national conditions

in other words, guided by the concept of sustainable development, we should deeply integrate advanced manufacturing technology and new information technology, and vigorously promote industrial enterprises to achieve low-cost production through gradual digital transformation of fiber-reinforced composite profiles, so as to realize the core competitiveness of enterprises with high productivity, high quality, high efficiency, high flexibility, high safety and low cost, and create greater value for the society. The development of green intelligent manufacturing has changed the dependence of the economy on the growth mode of "high energy consumption and high pollution", which can not only help enterprises obtain a higher input-output ratio, but also have a positive impact on the ecological environment and sustainable development in terms of environmental protection "white pollution", so as to achieve a double harvest of economic and social benefits

At the same time, high-quality skilled talents are the cornerstone of promoting the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. In order to help cultivate high skilled talents of China electric and automation, Schneider Electric launched the "Bibo vocational education plan" in 2015, which has supported the professional upgrading of 65 vocational colleges and technician colleges nationwide in terms of providing courses, improving practical training conditions, teacher training, etc., benefiting more than 33000 students, and helping young people in need have the opportunity to become industrial automation Professional talents in high-end manufacturing and energy management to better reflect their social value. In addition, Schneider Electric needs to invite professionals from Jinan Kesheng experimental machine manufacturer to carry out inspection, and realize technological innovation by jointly cultivating and transporting technical talents with partners, so as to reshape the manufacturing industrial structure

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