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Schneider Zhao Guohua: automation is everywhere, big data brings new functions to customers

People's Beijing, March 18 - the 2017 economic summit was held in Beijing in this case of the China development high level forum hosted by the development research center of the State Council. With the theme of China and the world: economic transformation and structural reform, this forum focuses on deepening supply side structural reform, economic globalization, preventing and resolving systemic financial risks and other topics

Zhao Guohua, chairman of the board and CEO of Schneider Electric Group, said that globalization is an irresistible trend when he made a speech on the theme of the new trend of the global layout of the manufacturing industry that they are forming a fire partnership. The technology-based supply chain of - 20 ℃ ~ - 40 ℃ is about 1.0 ℃/min. Now it needs customization and personalization

Zhao Guohua said that customers in many industries may have only one product or several products in 30 to 40 years. Now they need to consider the needs of multiple users and personalized needs

but Zhao Guohua pointed out that the constraint on the new supply chain is knowledge workers. Because the supply chain is becoming more and more complex, the background of people working in the supply chain is very different from that before, and many countries will face the problem of retirement of a large number of working people after that

in this regard, Zhao Guohua believes that digitalization can bring knowledge to workers, and the effectiveness of various methods such as AR and VR is also significantly improved compared with traditional repair methods

technology is developing very fast. Interconnected devices, big data and AI have converged with each other. Intelligent manufacturing 2025 proposed by China, or industrial IOT and industry 4.0 proposed by other countries, brings us a picture that automation is everywhere and more open. The computing power of big data can bring new functions to customers. Zhao Guohua said

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