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Schneider EV plug Alliance announced that new members joined

gew Jinan universal testing machine base electric box. The gantry Brinell hardness tester of the testing machine factory meets the requirements of 3-axis x, y, z direction conditioning. ISS, Marechal electric, radial, vimar, Weidmuller France and Yazaki Europ and other new members joined the alliance, which was jointly established by Schneider Electric, Legrand and scame, Aimed at promoting the use of high safety plug and socket solutions in electric vehicle infrastructure

Paris (France) - June 4, 2010 - EV plug Alliance announced at JEC world exhibition held in Paris, France today that gewiss, Marechal electric, radial, vimar, Weidmuller France and Yazaki Europe joined the alliance. EV plug alliance was jointly established by Schneider Electric, Legrand and scame at the end of March 2010 to promote the use of high safety plug and socket solutions for electric vehicle charging infrastructure

this is the first time that the alliance has attracted members from different business backgrounds in many countries, which strengthens the alliance's initiative: integrate various European solutions and form a standardized solution, so as to integrate the European electric vehicle industry. The addition of new members will help create an ecosystem with strong standards, accelerate the development and utilization of solutions and practical applications, and realize the revolution of electric vehicle charging

On May 10, 2010, gimelec1 announced its support for the alliance, believing that this integration initiative is in the interests of all industry participants, users and manufacturers, so that all parties can make full use of the technology provided by different companies in Europe, and fully comply with relevant European norms and standards

the plug and socket system supported by the alliance and installed in the charging infrastructure will ensure the compatibility of products from multiple suppliers. The system adopts one-phase or three-phase devices, and the charging power is up to 24 kW, which can charge electric vehicles and hybrid charging vehicles. It uses a shutter that can prevent accidental touch of electrical components, thus providing the highest safety, while fully complying with the upcoming IEC plug and socket standards

(EV plug Alliance: electric vehicle charging plug alliance, which is mainly aimed at the application of high safety plug and socket solutions for electric vehicle charging infrastructure. The alliance aims to provide a standard label to ensure that the final molding of plug and socket of electric vehicle fully meets the class 3 requirements of IEC standards and ensures the compatibility between products of multiple suppliers.)

the first product with EV plug alliance label is planned to be launched at the end of the second quarter of 2010

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