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Schneider safety instrument system escorts China's largest coal chemical project

recently, Schneider Electric announced that its TRICON safety instrument system (SIS) has successfully won the bid for the plant wide safety instrument system of shenhuaning coal 4million ton/year indirect coal liquefaction project (the working cylinder piston sub assembly of the Si experimental machine is the afterburner s during the experiment). Following the opening of the order in 2014, it has now entered the stage of substantive project implementation and service, The air separation unit has been successfully accepted and delivered to the user

this project is the largest order of safety instrument system in the scale of global single device and Asian overall device. The signing and implementation of this project marks that the excellent quality of Schneider Electric TRICON safety instrument system has been fully recognized in the industry. At the same time, it also means that Schneider Electric is fully equipped to provide customers with software and hardware products, configuration, integration, installation and commissioning Full life cycle engineering service capabilities including services

as the coal to liquid project with the largest single investment and the largest unit scale in the world so far, Shenhua Ningmei 4million ton/year coal indirect liquefaction project is a national key demonstration project. Its number of control points and large control scale are leading in the industry. As the core equipment of the project, Shenhua Ningmei attaches great importance to the safety instrument system, and its high requirements for the safety instrument system are self-evident

tricon safety instrument system (SIS) is the most mainstream and reliable mature system in Schneider Electric, which has the advantages of reliability, maturity, advancement, practicality and convenient expansion. All software and hardware of TRICON safety instrument system (SIS) have been certified by T V. It has triple redundant i/o bus and triple redundant communication bus, which are separated from each other and have no bus management module, ensuring the safe and stable operation of the equipment to the greatest extent. It is worth mentioning that the scanning cycle of TRICON can reach 25ms, the diagnostic coverage rate is higher than 99.9%, and the system availability rate is as high as 99.999%. In other words, TRICON safety instrument system greatly improves the safety and reliability of the device and reduces potential safety hazards

however, this pair of parameters should also be effectively considered only in the selection; Owning excellent products is far from enough for Schneider Electric. The project has large investment, tight construction period and high quality requirements, which poses a severe challenge to Schneider Electric's engineering service ability. To this end, Schneider Electric has specially set up a business team and a technical team, covering all aspects of business, technology, support, operation, etc., to fully support the Shenhua Ningmei project, which has fully confirmed Schneider Electric's strong engineering service ability to the industry

this project is not only the largest order of safety instrument system in the scale of global single devices and overall devices in Asia, but also the largest order of safety instrument system scale and order amount in the field of coal chemical industry. After the profit of the steel plant of the project can be completed, it will undertake a number of major technological industrial demonstration tasks, provide strategic technical reserves for improving the manufacturing level of power coal chemical equipment and materials, adapt to future energy replacement and change, and provide strong support for alleviating the pressure of energy supply

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