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Yin Zheng of Schneider Electric: digital transformation stimulates high-quality development

at the 2018 first China International Import Expo, which ended not long ago, Schneider Electric showed a complete set of solutions for driverless driving provided by Shanghai Baosteel. In the past, this process of lifting plates by crane required about 20 workers, and the work progress and process were generally recorded manually. After using the full set of automation products and solutions of Schneider Electric, the whole pilot workshop will reduce all 20 driving operators and several ground coordination personnel, and the average daily output will be increased by 15%-1 while ensuring power reliability and personal safety The experimental equipment (resonant reactor, voltage divider, excitation transformer, etc.) should be as close as possible to 30% of the tested cable head. For this reason, Shanghai Baosteel hot rolling 1580 intelligent workshop using this solution is one of the few projects officially shortlisted in the Ministry of industry and information technology "2015 intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration special action implementation plan"

digitalization will stimulate the development of China's economy to high quality, and the digitalization of traditional industrial sectors will accelerate. Yin Zheng, global executive vice president of Schneider Electric and President of China, said in an interview with Xinhua News Agency: Schneider Electric helps the upgrading and transformation of Chinese industries by promoting the accelerated integration of digital economy, real economy and traditional industries

participants and beneficiaries of reform and opening up

Schneider Electric, with a history of 182 years, entered China in 1987 and established its first joint venture in Tianjin, focusing on medium and low voltage distribution and industrial automation. Yin Zheng said that at that time, Schneider Electric first introduced the circuit breaker technology c45n circuit breaker to China, ending the era of fuse fusing and tripping; Schneider Electric also took the lead in bringing the switch panel into China, ending the era of using light cord to control switches. These two products have entered thousands of households in China and have been popularized so far, which has greatly promoted the reliability and safety of household electricity in China. Yin Zheng said

uphold in China, for China; In China, with the concept of benefiting the world, Schneider Electric adheres to and deepens Chinese originality, fully empowers local teams, trains local talents, invests in local research and development, and creates a partner business model, so that China can develop into its second largest market in the world. Schneider Electric has also developed from initially focusing on medium and low voltage power distribution and industrial automation in China to today's digital transformation leader in energy efficiency management and automation

in the past 31 years, Schneider Electric has fully participated in many Chinese energy and infrastructure construction, as well as major domestic and foreign events, including the Three Gorges project, the west to east gas transmission project, the south to North Water Transfer Project, the Ling'ao nuclear power plant, the Beijing Olympic Games, the 60th anniversary celebration of the national day, the Shanghai WorldExpo, the G20 summit, etc., with advanced energy efficiency management technology and products

in the past 40 years, Schneider Electric has been fortunate to become a witness of reform and opening up, participating in and benefiting from the great changes in China. Yin Zheng said that Schneider Electric will continue to participate in the current strategies to vigorously promote the construction of new urbanization, the 13th five year plan for energy development, and manufacturing power, so as to provide assistance for China's next development and the improvement of people's quality of life

digitalization is at the right time

in recent years, emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, IOT, sensors and augmented reality have developed vigorously, and all walks of life are facing the integration of information technology (it) and operation technology (OT)

not only that, with the transformation of China's economy from high-speed growth to high-quality development, information technology and digital innovation have become a new round of driving force. The state has frequently introduced strategies and plans such as innovation driven, interconnection +, intelligent manufacturing, and the 13th five year energy plan to promote the development of China's digital economy

in the four terminal markets covered by Schneider Electric, including industry, buildings, infrastructure and data center, we see the urgent need for digital transformation. For example, in the industrial field, enterprises are promoting capacity reduction, energy conservation and efficiency increase, and the application of digital technology has become an effective means; In the power industry, the future demand of distribution and the integrated development of digital technology will continue to promote energy transformation and the development of smart electricity, optimize energy production methods and improve energy efficiency. Yin Zheng said

driven by the development of new generation IT technology and industrial transformation and upgrading, more and more traditional enterprises such as Shanghai Baosteel take digital transformation as the strategic core to accelerate their business growth and seize future market opportunities

the confidence of digital leaders

in Yin Zheng's view, it is no accident that Schneider Electric shows its digital achievements including Baosteel at the Import Expo. In 2016, Schneider Electric launched a new generation of ecostruxure architecture and platform based on IOT, which provides end-to-end solutions in six professional fields of power distribution, information technology, building, machinery, factory and electricity, and empowers users and partners in the digital transformation for building, data center, industry and infrastructure

in the process of China's digital economy, Schneider Electric has been actively participating in the optimization of energy and process through the IOT connection of energy, automation and software and analysis, as well as the integration of information technology (it) and operation technology (OT). Yin Zheng said

based on Schneider Electric's accumulated experience in energy efficiency management, digital transformation and industry application over the years, Yin Zheng believes that Schneider Electric has its own characteristics and advantages in promoting digital transformation. First of all, we need to provide users with a platform and architecture that is as flexible, open and scalable as ecostruxure. Secondly, the integration of IT technology and ot technology requires a considerable understanding of the application scenarios in the steel, cement, airport, electronics and other industries, and Schneider Electric has been committed to a deep insight into the industry. Third, build a circle of friends. There are many customer needs, and no company can provide all the solutions. Therefore, it has become an indispensable part to integrate an overall solution that meets the specific needs of customers with partners. Fourth, from the design, manufacturing, operation to maintenance stages, the data chain should be connected into the whole industry chain, and then analyzed to realize the management of the whole life cycle

based on this, Schneider Electric has started a series of practices. In addition to the previously mentioned case of Shanghai Baosteel unmanned driving, Schneider Electric also provides China with design suggestions on building materials that must be firm to adjust and optimize the process; Provide intelligent products and solutions to Su Shimin College of Tsinghua University to reduce energy consumption; Realize the digitalization of all production lines for Hanwei technology, and improve its production efficiency and capacity. From traditional industries to new industries, from leading enterprises to small and medium-sized enterprises, Schneider Electric's practice blooms everywhere

in Yin Zheng's view, digital transformation is not a goal, but a means. It will eventually bring a more efficient and high-quality production and living environment, and a lower carbon and green living space. Schneider Electric hopes to raise energy efficiency management and green manufacturing to a new level with digitalization, and grasp development opportunities with Chinese customers and partners

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