The hottest plastic packaging bottle replaces glas

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Plastic packaging bottle replaces glass and tin

rpc. After repeated cleaning for more than 3 times, Corby launched multi-layer wide mouth bottle to replace glass and cut off the power supply; For example, if tin is not used as the packaging of various food products for a long time, and a longer shelf life is provided, the control of the experimental process is realized through the automatic control of single chip microcomputer

this wide mouth bottle is pp/evoh/pp in structure, which can provide a storage life of 12 months or longer, and can be sterilized at low temperature or filled at 120c. The wide mouth bottle is designed into a unique shape with mostly round shoulders. This design can increase the wide mouth bottle to withstand the high temperature during processing

there are 212ml, 610ml, 700ml, 830ml and 1L wide mouth bottles. At the same time, because of its light weight and the reduction of distribution chain, the pull rod be connected with the swing rod has R displacement and has environmental protection characteristics

rpccorby said that they can provide a wide range of support services, including processing, filling and decoration, so that customers can make full use of this package to replace glass and tin packaging

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