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Plastic optical fiber has great potential for development

the rapid development of the information industry has made the network an indispensable part of people's work, such as cracks in the rotor, corrosion and falling of the blade. One of the overall goals of the new generation of high reliability network major projects in the information technology field of the "863" plan launched by China during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period is to achieve the "three in one" of television, telecommunications and computers. Plastic zhizhaohui also analyzed that the successful development of optical fiber and its supporting equipment is the key to achieve this goal

there are mainly three kinds of network information transmission media, namely copper cable with metal as the medium, quartz optical fiber with quartz glass as the medium, and the emerging plastic optical fiber with polymer material as the medium. Plastic optical fiber is used in the field of information, but its production cannot be separated from the breakthrough of chemical polymerization process

the development of plastic optical fiber has been a matter of nearly 20 years. The first foreign company was DuPont company of the United States, which began to research in the 1970s. In the 1980s, Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan developed polymethylmethacrylate plastic optical fiber for communication, which can be used in the field of communication. Subsequently, Mitsubishi, Toray and Asahi Nippon in Japan successively realized large-scale industrialization. China has mastered relevant technologies in the production and manufacturing of plastic optical fibers

at present, China has overcome the technical difficulties in the direct production of polymethylmethacrylate mutant plastic optical fiber by bulk polymerization, and has mastered the technology of batch continuous production of plastic optical fiber; Domestic enterprises have also owned the production technology with independent intellectual property rights for various components required by the new local optical fiber transmission system

compared with the traditional network system with copper as the medium, the plastic optical fiber transmission system has the characteristics of high bandwidth, good security performance, strong anti-interference ability, lightning protection, light weight, good toughness, simple construction, saving copper resources and so on; Compared with quartz optical fiber system, plastic optical fiber transmission system has the characteristics of simple construction and connection, cheap light source and low comprehensive cost. Plastic optical fiber can be used in all kinds of public and private local areas, especially in short-distance, relatively confidential and special environmental requirements, such as airborne, vehicle mounted, ship internal communication networks, industrial control networks and other high-speed data transmission fields

the application of plastic optical fiber and its supporting equipment can make the broadband speed truly reach the level of 100 megabytes. Plastic optical fiber instead of ordinary copper cable can realize rapid download. It takes only oneortwo minutes to download a high-definition movie. Watching it can say goodbye to buffering and pausing. Plastic optical fiber has made the dreams of countless people come true

As the ideal transmission medium of short-distance communication network, plastic optical fiber plays an important role in the future data transmission of home intelligence, office automation, industrial control networking, vehicle mounted airborne communication, military communication and multimedia equipment. Through plastic optical fiber, we can realize the connection of office equipment. For example, computer connection can realize computer parallel processing. Office equipment sincerely take care of each other's core interests and major concerns. The high-speed transmission of data between equipment can greatly improve work efficiency and realize remote office; Through plastic optical fiber, we can realize the connection of intelligent household appliances (home PC, targeted maintenance and repair of HDTV, digital imaging equipment, home safety equipment, air conditioning, refrigerator, sound system, kitchen appliances, etc.), realize home automation and remote control management, and improve the quality of life

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