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The plastic packaging committee will hold a seminar on new technologies

from March 27 to 30, the plastic packaging Committee of China Packaging Federation will hold the second annual meeting of the seventh plastic packaging Committee of China Packaging Federation and the seminar on new technologies of plastic packaging materials at home and abroad in Ningbo

the theme of this seminar is to focus on how the plastic packaging industry can adapt to the new national regulations, compare the implementation of the access system for 39 kinds of plastic packaging containers and tools for food, do a good job in the safety and health of food packaging, and improve the quality of plastic packaging; Focus on energy conservation and consumption reduction, realize the reduction and lightweight of plastic packaging, and take the road of green packaging development

scope of communication main 1. Tape 90 °/180 ° peel strength test if: according to the requirements of developing safety and hygienic food packaging materials, focus on the multi-layer coextrusion barrier film technology and equipment, including polyethylene impact olefin functionality, barrier food packaging film, polyethylene heavy packaging film, PE heat shrinkable film, winding film and new raw materials and additives related to technical equipment; According to the needs of developing energy-saving and environment-friendly materials, discuss the packaging materials that are easy to recycle and completely degradable, as well as metallocene polyethylene, bimodal polyethylene, polyester, polylactic acid, polyvinyl alcohol modification and composite materials due to the natural environment of Aerospace; Discuss and develop relevant technical equipment for solvent-free, water solvent and alcohol solvent compounding; Discuss and develop new technologies of non-toxic, safe and hygienic inks, additives, coating and compounding; Study the quality control, testing technology and advanced technical instruments and equipment of food packaging films and containers; Discuss the supporting technical equipment for the deep processing of biaxially stretched film and cast film, including vacuum coating, slitting, lamination, color printing and other technical equipment. At the same time, the conference will also hold a sample exhibition of new products

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to confirm whether a material meets the required impact strength requirements

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