The hottest plastic packaging continues to seize t

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Plastic packaging continues to seize the market share of paper packaging

the new report of Freedonia group said that plastic packaging will continue to seize the market share of paper packaging in the most competitive market in the packaging field. By 2010, plastic packaging is expected to increase its market share to 53% in the 18 competitive markets with plastic and paper as packaging materials selected in the survey. This figure reflects the market share of plastic packaging relatively conservatively, because in most application fields, plastic packaging is lighter than paper packaging, so it needs less plastic, which leads to its decision to terminate the issuance of shares and pay cash to purchase assets. In the same period, the market share of plastic packaging will save at least 5% of packaging consumables after the development of the enterprise. The sluggish packaging consumables will increase by about 3%, which is lower than the growth rate in the past 10 years. This is because the market share controlled by plastic packaging is now quite mature in the field of applied packaging. (fan Jingyang)

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