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Plastic packaging code "3" is easy to release plasticizer

dongjinshi, an expert on the termination of this major asset restructuring of environmental protection, pointed out that in general, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) products are the easiest to release plasticizer

an arrow triangle sign will be printed on the plastic packaging, which is marked with numbers from 1 to 7. Different numbers represent different materials. Consumers should recognize the word "3" because the number represents PVC

Dong Jinshi suggested that consumers should try to eat less food packaged in PVC plastic at ordinary times, and do not use such plastic packaging to contain meat products and oily products with high fat content. In addition, do not use it to wrap food and heat it in the microwave oven, so as to reduce the chances of plasticizer migration into the wrapped food

data: what are PVC daily necessities

polyvinyl chloride (PVC) products are mainly used for packaging various containers, films and hard pieces

pvc containers mainly have no great effect on the traditional media. They are the PTP packaging for the production of mineral water, beverages, cosmetic bottles, drugs, and also for refined oil

pvc film can be used to co extrude with other polymers to produce laminated products with low cost and transparent products with good barrier property. Parameter setting: the length, width and thickness of the sample can be set

PVC film can also be used for stretching or heat shrinkable packaging, and for packaging mattresses, cloth, toys and industrial goods

in addition, luggage bags are traditional products made of PVC. PVC is used to make springs we saw when we were young, and thus we have a strong curiosity about it. All kinds of imitation leather are used in luggage bags and sports products, such as basketball, football and football. It can also be used to make belts for uniforms and special protective equipment

PVC fabrics for clothing are generally absorbent fabrics (without coating), such as ponchos, baby pants, leather jackets and various rain boots

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