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Plastic packaging can migrate out of plasticizer, but there is no harm

after the plasticizer storm, many citizens are worried about the safety of plastic bottled drinks. Yesterday, a study released by Li Shuguang, a professor of Fudan University, showed that the plasticization dose transferred from plastic packaging is very small, which is not enough to create a method for cleaning the fuel tank for human body. It can be harmful to the fuel tank or kerosene

Li Shuguang's research involves 49 kinds of drinks, including 20 kinds of tea drinks, 21 kinds of fruit juice drinks and 8 kinds of coffee milk drinks. The detection showed that the detection rate of DBP (dibutyl phthalate) was 98% and DEHP (diethylhexyl phthalate) was 100%, but the content was lower than the national allowed migration standard. The total DBP content in the beverage is 0.037 mg/l, and enterprises cannot do business at a loss (the national allowable migration standard is 0.3mg/l); The total DEHP content is 0.078mg/l (the national allowable migration standard is 1.5mg/l)

dbp and DEHP are "phthalates" chemical components contained in plastic bags and plastic products. Adding this chemical component can increase the plasticity and flexibility of plastics and improve the strength of plastic products. Professor Li Shuguang has studied the computerized plasticizer for 16 years. He explained that putting hot buns, steamed buns, corn cobs and snacks into plastic bags, or wearing perfume, applying nail polish, and using hair styling water, it is possible to "meet" with plasticizer, and even there are very small amounts of plasticizer in the air and water. "I can't avoid plasticizer every day in my life." However, he also pointed out that the plasticizer incident in Taiwan was artificially added directly, with high dose and high toxicity. What he studied is mainly the migration amount of plasticizer in plastic packaging. At present, the amount of plasticizer migrated from plastic packaging is very small. Because the human body has metabolic function, it can be discharged with urine or feces within hours, which is not enough to bring harm

according to Li Shuguang, there are about 20 kinds of plasticizers at present, of which the most commonly used are DEHP, DVP and DOP. DEHP was found in Taiwan this time, accounting for 86% of the global consumption of plastic plasticizer

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