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Plastic packaging and printing business develops steadily

Zijiang enterprise company mainly produces and sells all kinds of PET bottles and bottle blanks, bottle caps, labels, aluminum spray paper and paper plates, PE cast film, high-grade ink, multicolor printing plastic containers, BOPET film, CPP film and other new materials. Among them, PET bottles and preforms accounted for 39.05%, film accounted for 16.59%, and crown caps and labels accounted for 16.59%. It is a listed company of packaging materials with the largest scale and the most complete product range in China. Investment analyst today shows that the company's annual comprehensive earnings per share are predicted to be 0.30, 0.37 and 0.51 yuan respectively, corresponding to dynamic P/E ratios of 20, 16 and 12 times; At present, there are five analysts tracking, three analysts suggest strong buying, and two analysts suggest buying. It doesn't hurt to understand the differences between the screw rods of the pull down testing machine, and the rating coefficient is 1.40

the plastic packaging and printing business has developed steadily. At present, the company adopts the hard OEM mode for Coca Cola in the PET bottle and bottle embryo business (that is, Coca Cola purchases raw materials by itself, and Zijiang only earns processing fees), and adopts the soft OEM mode for Pepsi Cola (that is, Pepsi Cola sets the price of raw materials, and then Zijiang purchases raw materials within this price for processing). At present, hard OEM accounts for 30% and soft OEM accounts for 30% of the printing alliance. In this way, in the face of raw material fluctuations caused by oil prices, Zijiang's gross profit margin has been relatively stable because it controls the upstream. In addition, the main users of the company's printing and packaging are major customers, and the collection is very timely, which reduces the company's bad debt ratio. Haitong Securities said that regardless of price factors and economic crisis and other factors, benefiting from the natural growth of the soft drink market, the company's printing and packaging business has an annual growth rate of at least 10%, so that the company's performance has a stabilizer

Zijiang enterprise recently announced that Shanghai Ziquan Packaging Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, recently signed the compensation and resettlement agreement for the demolition of urban non residential houses in Shanghai with Shanghai Xinzhuang Business Development Co., Ltd. According to the agreement, the company received a total of 119990305.85 yuan of compensation, which is expected to increase the company's net profit in 2009 by about 50million yuan. First venture securities said it increased its earnings per share by 10% in 2009. Total share capital of the company 14 Therefore, the hardness tester unit system we usually contact is 400million shares with relative hardness. The net profit of 50million yuan can increase the company's earnings per share by 0.035 yuan. It was originally predicted that the company's EPS in 2009 was more than 0.32 yuan, but now it is raised to 0.36 yuan

venture capital business is about to contribute profits. The company indirectly holds 20% equity of Shanghai Zichen investment company, while Shanghai Zichen investment invests 1million shares in Shenzhen Yushun Electronics Co., Ltd., 3024000 shares in Shanghai Jiahao Ship Engineering Design Co., Ltd., 1.32 million shares in Wuhu yaxia Automobile Co., Ltd., 8million shares in Shandong mining machinery Co., Ltd., and 5.65 million shares in Zhejiang kantlai Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. Among them, Shenzhen Yushun electronics has completed the placement under the IPO, priced at 15.58 yuan, and the original shareholder lock-in period is 3 years after the issuance. Zijiang venture capital, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, also holds the equity of Hangzhou Zhongheng electronics, while many small and medium-sized enterprises are facing a series of difficulties, such as low-end product positioning, fierce price competition, high accounts receivable, insufficient capacity utilization, etc. Hangzhou Zhongheng electronics is also attending the meeting

first venture securities said that it is expected that the company's annual performance will increase by more than 100%, and the later real estate projects will continue to grow at a high rate, maintaining the company's recommended rating

risk factors: the stability of the development of plastic packaging business; Macro policy regulation may bring risks to real estate development; The uncertainty of the company's increasing holdings in Zizhu Science Park in the future

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