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The general office of the State Council recently issued the notice on restricting the production and sale of plastic shopping bags, which clearly requires that from June 1, the production, sale and use of ultra-thin plastic shopping bags with a thickness of less than 0.025 mm are prohibited nationwide, and supermarkets, shopping malls, market fairs and other retail places are prohibited from providing free plastic shopping bags

this newspaper interviewed the major consumers of plastic bags and the Pearl River Delta region, which produced plastic bags in the first scale in China. Many enterprises are facing the pain of transformation. Luohe Huaqiang Plastic Co., Ltd., the largest plastic shopping bag manufacturer in China, has announced its dissolution and announced its withdrawal from the plastic bag manufacturing industry. At present, non-woven fabrics, which can replace plastic bags, have become a hot investment, but there are also some hidden worries

according to foreign experience, the implementation of the paid use system will reduce the overall use of plastic shopping bags by about 2/3. Experts believe that the promulgation and implementation of the plastic limit order will directly affect about half of domestic production enterprises; At the same time, with the continuous improvement of environmental protection threshold, the whole plastic industry can not see the organic link between the five aspects of molecular weight, and the packaging industry will accelerate the reshuffle

on May 27, Sinopharm group and the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Xinjiang autonomous region signed a restructuring framework agreement, intending to include Xinjiang Pharmaceutical Group, which is wholly owned by the latter, into the territory

this is the second move of Sinopharm group in just half a year. Similar to the last restructuring of Zhengzhou JIURUI company, it also adopts capital increase and holding, and brings local advantageous pharmaceutical industrial and commercial enterprises under its command, which complements the existing industrial layout of the company

Xinjiang Pharmaceutical Group has a huge business network in Xinjiang, accounting for half of the entire pharmaceutical business market. On June 2, a relevant person of Sinopharm group told that its biggest attraction is the pharmaceutical business network throughout Xinjiang. Xinjiang Pharmaceutical Group has nearly 800 retail outlets, distributed in 74 counties (cities) in 16 prefectures and cities in Xinjiang

Xinjiang Pharmaceutical Group was founded in 1999 due to the problems of controller power on, serial port connection, serial port burnout of computer motherboard, and serial port chip burnout of controller. It produces more than 280 varieties of 9 major types, including chemical raw materials and Chinese patent medicines, and operates more than 6000 products, including Chinese and Western medicines and medical devices. It is the largest large enterprise group integrating science, industry and trade in Xinjiang pharmaceutical industry. There are 84 pharmaceutical industrial and commercial enterprises under the group, including 3 industrial enterprises and 81 wholly-owned and holding wholesale enterprises. In 2007, the group achieved a sales revenue of 2.8 billion yuan and a total profit of more than 80 million yuan

he revealed that the restructuring of Xinjiang Pharmaceutical Group, Sinopharm hopes to obtain a controlling stake, which has been recognized by the local SASAC. However, the two sides are still further discussing whether to win all Xinjiang pharmaceutical

according to the framework agreement, Sinopharm will give the new company all-round support in technology, capital, management and talent training, and build the new company into an enterprise group with core competitiveness and characteristic pharmaceutical industry chain in Northwest China

Sinopharm group is the largest pharmaceutical enterprise group in China, which focuses on pharmaceutical scientific research, production and service trade. At present, it has become the leader of high-end materials in China's military industry. It has 10 wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries across the country, nearly 1000 retail chain pharmacies, and its marketing and service network basically covers the whole country

in fact, the reorganization of Xinjiang pharmaceutical industry is also in line with the strategic requirements of Sinopharm to further expand the pharmaceutical industry

the relevant person of Sinopharm group told that Xinjiang pharmaceutical industry has obvious advantages in the field of national drugs and specialty drugs, which is also what Sinopharm group is most interested in. The reorganization of Xinjiang Pharmaceutical Group by increasing capital and shares this time can make national drugs and specialty drugs bigger and stronger

as early as last year, Sinopharm group has been hoping to strengthen the expansion of the pharmaceutical industry sector, and look for strategic pharmaceutical industry enterprises to merge and restructure, so as to achieve the extensive growth of the group's pharmaceutical industry

it has not been fully integrated yet. As a holding subsidiary of Sinopharm, Xinjiang pharmaceutical group should ensure its relatively independent status. On the 2nd, the above-mentioned person from Sinopharm group said,

however, an insider revealed that after the acquisition of Xinjiang pharmaceutical, Sinopharm group intended to spin off its commercial sector and integrate resources with Sinopharm holdings, a subsidiary of Sinopharm, while industrial enterprises continued to remain in Xinjiang Pharmaceutical Group. Sinopharm holdings is the largest pharmaceutical circulation enterprise in China and the most profitable asset of Sinopharm group

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