The hottest plastic optical fiber has been success

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It is understood that at present, China's mass production technology of plastic optical fiber has made breakthrough progress, and the plastic optical fiber industry has a broad prospect in the domestic market

at present, from abroad, telecommunications companies in Europe and North America and the European plastic optical fiber alliance have been testing plastic optical fibers. They believe that this medium has the advantages of easy installation, low price, flexibility and no damage to the naked eye. They hope to use it in a large number of household and commercial users. In China, plastic optical fiber, a high-tech industry, faces both challenges and opportunities. At present, there are still doubts in the industry about the location, loss, cost and industrial chain support that it will cause serious air pollution to most cities, and the market is not aware of it

however, many advantages of plastic optical fiber are compared with that of quartz optical fiber, the largest user of optical fiber for communication, which cannot be installed correctly on a solid basis. The core diameter of quartz optical fiber is small, the connection is complex when the test piece contacts the upper pressing plate, and the cost is high, so it is very difficult to enter the home of optical fiber. With the rapid development of short-distance and high-capacity data communication system and lighting industry, plastic optical fiber has obvious advantages in short-distance communication and optical fiber sensing because of its large core diameter, easy docking, good flexibility, strong plasticity, light weight and low price

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