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Hot sales of plastic packaging boxes in Brazil

recently, the plastic packaging box Market in Brazil is quite popular. This is because the Brazilian government has stipulated that Brazil will gradually use plastic packaging boxes to transport fruits and vegetables from May

at present, most of the fruit and vegetable transportation packaging boxes in Brazil are wooden boxes. But now the Brazilian government has issued a new law, which stipulates that all vegetable and fruit delivery containers must be cleaned after each use. Because the wood and even the repair box have to pay money, it is difficult to clean. After being wet, it is easy to mold and rot, which is very troublesome to reuse. The plastic box has no such concern, which is easy to clean, light and easy to move

due to the sharp increase in the consumption of plastic packaging boxes, the demand for its high liquidity special plastic resin is also rising, and the annual growth is expected to be 80000 tons. Brazil now has about 20 new plastic container manufacturers with high barrel temperature, but due to the increasing promotion of plastic packaging boxes, this industry still has a large profit margin. 4. Print content: test piece parameters, experimental data, curves, test reports, etc

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