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Classification of Songjiang Rubber Joint

classification of Songjiang Rubber Joint

1 According to the use performance, it is divided into three "special, heat-resistant and general" special category: applicable to the requirements of special performance, which is also the competitiveness of the enterprise, such as oil resistance, plug resistance, ozone resistance, wear resistance or chemical corrosion resistance

heat resistant class: suitable for transporting water with temperature higher than 80 ℃

also proposed a new general class: suitable for transporting water with temperature of - 15 ℃ ~80 ℃ and acid solution or alkali solution with concentration below 10%

2. According to the structural form, it is divided into single sphere, double sphere, three sphere and elbow sphere. Each form can be divided into concentric and equal diameter. At the same time, the new PVC wood plastic composite has passed the test of concentric and eccentric reducer by the national plastic products quality supervision and inspection center a few days ago

3. According to the connection form of products and pipelines, it can be divided into flange connection and threaded connection

4. It can be divided into 0.25mpa

5 according to the working pressure Product marking:

products should be marked in the following order: product code, type code, structure code, performance code, working pressure, nominal diameter

the product and structure codes are specified as follows: flexible rubber joint RFJ, single sphere D, double sphere s, elbow W, concentric reducer YT, eccentric reducer YP, fan coil joint F

tag example: rfjd-1.6 × 200,。 It refers to a single sphere flexible rubber joint with a nominal diameter of 200mm, and the working pressure is 1.6mpa

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