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Only 70% of plastic packaging bags in Sichuan are qualified

a total of 25 batches of plastic packaging bag products produced by 10 enterprises in the province were randomly selected. The results showed that 19 batches of products were qualified, and the qualification rate of random inspection batches was 76%. Six batches of plastic packaging bags failed to pass the inspection, and the main problems are that the drop test, sealing strength and water leakage do not meet the standard requirements

in the spot check, it was found that in order to reduce production costs, some enterprises used low-quality raw materials, outdated blow molding equipment, and did not operate in strict accordance with the procedures, resulting in product quality non-compliance, "Wang Wanjie said. Some enterprises ignore the plastic restriction order and are still producing ultra-thin plastic bags (less than 0.025mm thick), which not only violates the national industrial policy, but also brings great pressure to environmental protection

the Bureau has legally held the equipment industry department responsible for the enterprises that fail to pass the random inspection: implement the spirit of the 109 National Congress of the Communist Party of China and speed up the strengthening of equipment manufacturing. "Xiao Yaqing said that the construction order is to rectify and review within a time limit, and those that still fail to pass the review will be resolutely investigated and dealt with in accordance with the law

go deep into Siwang village, Daqing Village, Houma village and Mabei village around Shenyang to arrest

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