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With the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for commodity packaging bags is increasing, the requirements for commodity packaging bags are also increasing, and the requirements for the application value of packaging bags are also increasing. At present, the rapid growth of the output value of the packaging industry highlights the significant development prospects of the packaging industry

the market trend of plastic packaging bags remains optimistic

according to the report of Cleveland industry market research company, the global demand for plastic packaging bags will increase at a rate of 6.2% per year, and the total market demand will reach US $37.3 billion by 2018

the market prefers plastic packaging, and also talks about "lightweight"

the growth of this value is caused by the traditional consumption preferences of consumers and producers. The market is more inclined to the traditional form of plastic packaging, which can be said to be a kind of market consumption inertia

in China with rapid market expansion and other developing countries, the increase of packaging bag production scale and the continuous rise of market demand show complementary development trends

the report shows that by 2018, the market revenue in the Asia Pacific region is expected to be the highest. Among them, food packaging (especially beverage packaging) and drug packaging will be the two main growth poles

on the other hand, the continued improvement of the portability and sense of design of the packaging itself has also driven market demand: in more developed countries, taking Japan and South Korea as examples, the base of packaging consumer groups has remained stable; In highly industrialized areas, for example, the traditional zigzag experiment is completed on the universal experimental machine in the United States and South America, and the packaging demand has maintained a steady growth; North America and Western Europe, for example, are the most mature packaging markets, with rising demand and development trends exceeding the expected ratio; The most potential packaging markets that must be mentioned include China, Thailand and India. The strong demand has driven the productivity of the entire packaging market

new development trends of packaging bags open up a new round of market

some mature markets have begun to accept and popular higher performance packaging bags, such as the United States, Canada, Western Europe and Japan, which also support the conversion of dollars in transactions. In the forecast of development prospects, standing bags will have the most potential for demand growth. Although flat packaging bags will continue to occupy the vast majority of the market, people begin to tend to this "three-dimensional" packaging, especially in the mature packaging market mentioned above

"consumers' aesthetic taste and the self generated value-added of stand-alone packaging, such as the convenience and stability of stand-alone packaging at the mouth and seal, make consumers have consumer preferences." Analyst Emily said

at the same time, lightweight is also the development trend of plastic packaging bags. The reduction of consumables and the light load of transportation reduce the cost, which is in line with the interests of producers. At the same time, for the market, bagging lightweight bags also brings new consumption trends of environmental protection and convenience, which are gradually being respected

the development trend of the packaging industry has shifted from simple packaging to innovative packaging. With the improvement of economy and consumption, packaging bags are no longer simple products. Enterprises and consumers are improving the quality, materials, quality and style of packaging bags

the utilization rate of plastic packaging bags in North America and Western Europe has been very high, and the change of product structure will continue to support the continuous growth of packaging bag demand in these regions

2. The thickness of the thin plate should be more than 5mm (workpieces less than 5mm

as more expensive packaging products become popular among consumers, such as standing packaging bags. Special packaging bags also bring new marketing advantages to manufacturers. If they are too high, they cannot be foamed. A new round of plastic packaging bag Market implantation is being carried out.

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