Alcohol wetting mechanism of the most popular lith

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An alcohol wetting mechanism of lithography press

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Abstract: an alcohol wetting mechanism of lithography press. The utility model comprises a water bucket roll, a water transfer roll, a water equalizing roll and a water landing roll which are respectively moved and matched on the frame. The water bucket roll is in the water bucket groove and in contact with the wetting liquid, the water landing roll is in contact with the printing plate cylinder, the water leveling roll is in contact with the water landing roll, the water transfer roll swings back and forth between the water bucket roll and the water leveling roll, and the wetting liquid on the water bucket roll is intermittently transferred to the water leveling roll. It is characterized by the water roller and the formulation of this energy and environment development strategy. The surface layer of the water roller is a hydrophilic rubber material layer with a smooth surface, which starts from 30 ℃. The utility model, combined with alcohol wetting liquid, has the characteristics of no fluff and ink residue, avoiding frequent replacement of wetting liquid, flannelette cover and re commissioning of the machine, convenient use, improving work efficiency and reducing labor intensity. Due to the different structure and appearance of various samples

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