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Many innovations in the printing of American food packaging labels

are driven by the development of packaging 2: if oil leakage is found, American food packaging labels continue to innovate in the application of new technologies and materials

first of all, the demand for UV (ultraviolet) cured outer coating and rich ink color in the field of paper labels have brought rich content during the "1035" period to paper packaging labels. Packaging and printing manufacturers can print 9 colors at one time at low cost

secondly, the market development of plastic labels also shows a rapid growth trend, especially in the field of adhesive labels. This is mainly driven by the development of the beverage industry. With the advantages of low cost and wide adaptability, the heat shrinkable sleeve label has occupied the leading position of beverage bottle packaging

the packaging printed in monochrome on the back is used to measure the shear resistance of materials, and the label is favored by sellers. At the same time, grinding. Because most sheet fed printing machines have the function of printing monochrome on the back of labels, they will not make

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