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Fanuc robot: small "fist", big effect

FANUC has frequently displayed and appeared in major exhibitions in recent years. A m-1ia fist robot, whose shape can't slip, is like a human fist, small and cute, but there is no lack of intelligence. Although the fist is really small, it plays a great role:

it is small and efficient, and can carry 0.5kg objects. It is equipped with a multi axis wrist to adapt to complex assembly operations. Its flexibility is no less than that of human fingers. The unique parallel linkage mechanism greatly improves the action speed, and it can be called the fastest industrial robot in the world. It was once popular in the 2009 and 2010 Industrial Expo

it is easy to install and calmly deal with the working environment in a narrow space. It only needs simple isolation on the production line. It can realize the co production of machines and people, creating a great opportunity to save production costs. It also provides a low-cost and cost-effective flexible solution for the processing of small workpieces,

it is precise and sensitive, equipped with a built-in hidden irvision visual camera, and its accuracy leads the industry

it is widely used, especially for food and beverage, such as: adopting high activity and high-strength polyamide to design and manufacture oil pan, medicine, it, electronics and other fields

fanuc m-1ia's most eye-catching is the dazzling speed and accurate and efficient operation of robot grippers. Whether it's picking, assembly, handling, grinding, or inserting, it's dexterous and easy to grasp, smooth and efficient operation. Because its application is not directly related to the expansion speed and stretching speed, it provides a perfect solution for automated production in different industries


chocolate sorting (upper left)

chip assembly (upper middle)

digital camera assembly (upper right)

keyboard assembly (lower right)

note: FANUC is the world's most diversified manufacturer of FA (factory automation), robots and intelligent machinery. Since its establishment in 1956, the company has always been a pioneer in the development of computer numerical control equipment in the world, making outstanding contributions in the field of automation. In the 1970s, it was inspected whether the refrigeration compressor could be restarted during the operation of the impact experimental machine. In the 1970s, FANUC became the largest professional manufacturer of numerical control systems in the world, accounting for 70% of the global market share. In 2008, FANUC became the largest robot manufacturer in the world, the first robot manufacturer in the world to exceed 200000 robots, and its market share remained the first

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