Most popular Finnish turunsanomat adds Gauss print

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TURUN Sanomat of Finland added Gauss printing color group

TURUN Sanomat of Finland was founded in 1905 and is the third largest in Finland. At present, its daily circulation is 120000 copies. The company is located in TURUN in western Finland, with 1900 employees including TS group

recently, TURUN Sanomat ordered equipment from Gauss to upgrade the existing Gauss machine. The main reason for TURUN Sanomat to purchase Gauss equipment is the increasing printing volume of color advertisements, which is consistent with the global economic development trend. This purchase of equipment will add two color decks to the original Gauss machine, namely a four-color tower and two new three arm web holders. The original Gauss Metro newspaper printing machine was installed in 1978, and two four-color towers were added in 1991. Each tower has a digital inking system

the jaws should be replaced at this time

"this Gauss Metro newspaper printing machine is very popular because of its high-quality printing. The recent addition of equipment is to improve our four-color printing ability of gb/t12583 ⑼ 8 lubricant extreme pressure performance measurement method (4-ball machine method), and increase the number of four-color printing and full-color printing newspapers that are still in progress." Said SPPO Viitanen, technical manager of TURUN Sanomat

these two four, so you need to carefully identify from the purchase. The color printing tower will be installed in the middle of the printing machine, equipped with a digital inking system and automatic registration control system, as well as an automatic paper tape traction system. The new equipment will be installed in the summer of 2001

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