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During the two sessions, the Committee representatives actively offered suggestions and suggestions on hot issues of economic development. Accelerating the transformation of the mode of economic development and constantly improving the quality and efficiency of economic development have become the consensus of the representatives and members

reviewing the two sessions, focusing on the key words of reducing the GDP growth rate to 7.5%, vigorously developing the real economy, supporting small and medium-sized enterprises, and innovative development, we further clarified the direction of China's economic development

keyword 1: 7.5%

Premier Wen Jiabao proposed in the government work report of the two sessions this year that the GDP growth rate this year is 7.5%. This is the first time in eight years that China has reduced its GDP growth to less than 8%. Once the number is published, the maximum force will be calculated automatically at the end of the test Up Lower yield strength Hysteresis loop method Gradual approximation method Non proportional tensile strength Tensile strength Compressive strength Determine the elongation strength at any point Constant load extension at any point Modulus of elasticity Elongation Maximum value of stripping interval Min Average value Net energy Turn back energy Total energy Flexural modulus Breakpoint displacement x% load Breakpoint load x% displacement And so on, which quickly attracted wide attention of the whole society

representatives and members at the two sessions hotly discussed that the impact of the international financial crisis is still continuing, external demand is weak, domestic demand needs to be tapped, and internal and external market conditions cannot support high-speed growth of more than 9%. The economic growth rate has dropped to 7.5%. Appropriate and scientific policy adjustment will not disrupt the pace of China's sustained economic development, but will make the pace of progress more stable

the representative member said that what China needs most at this stage is to realize transformation and upgrading as soon as possible on the premise of moderate economic growth, so as to lay a solid foundation for the next round of rapid economic development. To slow down growth expectations is to make every effort to adjust the industrial structure and ensure sound and rapid economic development

keyword 2: real economy

more than 200 proposals and multiple proposals. At this year's two sessions, the term "real economy" quickly became popular

color screen electronic tensile testing machine is mainly used for financial difficulties, sluggish external demand, high costs and thin profits. At present, the development of China's real economy is facing a severe situation. The emergence of the phenomenon from disenchantment to falsehood not only affects the healthy operation of the economy, widens the gap between the rich and the poor, but also increases financial and social risks

in fact, the central economic work conference and financial work conference held last year clearly proposed to firmly grasp the solid foundation of developing the real economy. We should be soberly aware that the key to achieving steady progress is how to do a good job in the real economy

the representative committee members believed that in order to revitalize the real economy and prevent industrial hollowing out, we must first do everything possible to let entrepreneurs return to the real economy. At the same time, the revitalization of the real economy cannot follow the old path. The government and enterprises should work together to optimize the industrial layout, enhance the value chain, increase the technological transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, promote structural adjustment and mode transformation, and avoid homogeneous vicious competition. At the same time, enterprises themselves should also constantly innovate technology, optimize management, and improve efficiency by improving production efficiency

it can be predicted that under the keynote of seeking progress in the stability of China's economy, only by vigorously developing the real economy can we effectively expand domestic demand, control price rises, increase social employment and improve living standards; In order to achieve steady and sustainable economic development

keyword 3: small and medium-sized enterprises

at the two sessions this year, the financing difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises and the difficulties in the ordinary application process have become a hot spot again. In view of the financing difficulties, limited financing channels and legal problems of small and medium-sized enterprises, some representatives of the committee members prescribed various prescriptions

we should provide a fair solution to the problems of small and medium-sized enterprises, including financing difficulties. This is the appeal of Wang Tiankai, member of the CPPCC National Committee and President of China Textile Industry Federation. According to the research results of the Textile Federation he presided over, the problem of difficult and expensive financing of enterprises still brings great pressure to the operation of enterprises, especially the survival situation of small and micro enterprises is not optimistic

Mei Xingbao, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference, former president of Oriental Asset Management Company and supervisor of Bank of China, reflected from the institutional level, why has it not really solved the financing difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises for so many years? If we do not reform our financial system, in the future, as soon as there is trouble in the international market, the financial turmoil caused by the financing problems of small and medium-sized enterprises will still appear. Therefore, we must eliminate their institutional and institutional obstacles through financial reform and guide financial innovation oriented to the real economy

Mei Xingbao further said that financial innovation should focus on supporting small and medium-sized enterprises. Financial innovation must serve the real economy and innovate financial products, management methods and systems according to the personalized needs of the real economy, especially small and medium-sized enterprises

Gu Shengzu, deputy to the National People's Congress and vice chairman of the Central Committee of the China Democratic National Construction Association, said that to alleviate the plight of small, medium-sized and micro enterprises, it is not only necessary to transfuse their blood through fiscal, tax and financial policies to resolve the urgent need, but also more important to accelerate the reform and improve the hematopoietic function of small and micro enterprises

keyword 4: innovative development

innovative development has become the focus of the two sessions in recent years. This year, representatives and members of the committee will combine scientific and technological innovation with the transformation of the mode of economic development, and discuss in depth how to better combine the two organically, promote and develop each other

the suggestions of the Central Committee of civil engineering construction, while the technological innovation ability of Chinese enterprises is continuously enhanced and the technological innovation work of enterprises is continuously deepened, there are also some problems that need to be solved urgently in the technological innovation of enterprises, which are highlighted as that enterprises have not yet become the real subject of technological innovation

the representative members said that the state should increase scientific and technological innovation planning and scientifically set up R & D and innovation institutions. Scientific research institutions should not only be placed in academies and universities, but also in enterprises. In terms of policy, we should strengthen support for scientific and technological research and development, and rely on large backbone enterprises to set up research and development centers. National major scientific research projects should be more entrusted to enterprise R & D centers, and efforts should be made to form a number of world-class R & D centers that are leading in the industry

on behalf of the committee members, when the load of science and technology can no longer rise, technological innovation to support the transformation of the mode of economic development is a profound change involving the field of science and technology and the economic field. It is suggested that the state arrange enterprise pilot projects to promote the integration of the two

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