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15 robot companies join! Compete for hundreds of millions of security fat

in 2018, artificial intelligence has moved to the key node of industrial landing, and the AI + industry has become a common thing. At the same time, with the rise of smart city construction and the implementation of national sky project and Xueliang project, AI has targeted the security industry for the first time. Involved in this battle, not only Hikvision, Dahua and other security giants, but also start-ups such as AI chips and face recognition software joined, and even robot players appeared. For a time, the security industry was in full swing

speaking of security robots, let's start with an interesting anecdote in 2017. In July 2017, an American security robot committed suicide by throwing himself into the pool. Although this is slightly abusive, it actually presents the emerging concept of security robots in public view

recently, smart thing found that more robot companies are beginning to join the security industry. However, at present, the price of security robots is between 200000 yuan and 800000 yuan. The important reason for the high price is the number of sensors carried. The more sensors, the more expensive the robots will be. The high cost also leads to difficulties in the application of security robots

through the communication with the upstream and downstream of the service robot industry chain, we found that at present, there are only 15 enterprises doing security robots in China. Recently, some well-known enterprises such as and Ubisoft have launched their security/inspection robots. It can be said that the security industry has become an important attempt for service robot enterprises to explore the landing direction

I. 15 enterprises enter the market to explore

the international research on security robots started from 1991 to 1994 and accelerated after 2011. At present, there is great innovation potential in this field. Knightscope and cobalt robotics are typical enterprises in the field of security robots abroad. Japan, a powerful country in robotics, has also applied for a large number of international patents in this field. Insiders predict that the international security robot market is likely to be largely occupied or even monopolized by Japan, but from the market point of view, foreign enterprises have no plans to enter the Chinese security robot market on a large scale

domestically, the exploration of security robots is also accelerating. In the first half of 2018 alone, many new products have emerged in the security robot industry: on February 7, 20 robot policemen appeared in Shenzhen North railway station to help the security of Spring Festival transportation; On May 22, Haier subsidiary Luther robot released five new robots, one of which is security robot; On July 6,'s second-generation inspection robot was officially put into use on Beijing Asia 1; In early July, Shenlan Technology launched a security robot, Wali patrol robot, which can catch thieves; In addition, the security inspection robot of Shenyang Luxi robot will also be launched on October 1

zhidongxi sorted out the list of domestic security/inspection robot layout enterprises, and found that although this field is still in the early stage of development, the number of domestic enterprises that have been deployed has reached 15. In terms of application scenarios, it also distinguishes between indoor and outdoor aspects. In terms of product form, there are also two basic forms: wheel type and track type. Among these 15 players, we selected 6 typical representatives to see the basic ideas of these players in the research and development of security robots

1. CIIC scientific innovation robot: domestic security robot pioneer

China's first security robot appeared in 2015 and was developed by CIIC scientific innovation robot

the robot integrates high-definition camera, infrared thermal imaging, visual laser navigation, environmental sensor and alarm light device, and has multiple functions such as autonomous navigation, autonomous task execution, 24-hour all-round audio and video monitoring, automatic alarm of abnormal conditions, etc

CIIC scientific and technological innovation has a rich range of security robots, including indoor security service robots, as well as all-weather multi-directional security patrol robots, mobile sentry robots and home security robots for outdoor environments. The layout is very comprehensive

CIIC started early on security robots, and its products are more segmented and diversified. It can be said that it is a pioneer in the domestic security robot industry

2. Mainland Zhiyuan: layout all terrain chassis strength

mainland Zhiyuan was founded in 2015. At present, it mainly makes mobile robot chassis, and its typical product is security robot andI. Mainland Zhiyuan's andI security inspection robot has three highlights: all terrain terrain, body lifting, and 360 degree Video + thermal imaging + 4 recorded video real-time transmission. Since the core positioning of mainland Zhiyuan is to produce robot chassis, the most prominent advantage of Andi is that it can realize all terrain walking

Gao Yuan, the founder/ceo of mainland Zhiyuan, told zhidongxi that the security market of mainland Zhiyuan was decided in the middle of 2016 because of its original intention to be a practical robot and long-term market research. At the beginning of this year, mainland Zhiyuan officially launched the security robot andI. Gao Yuan also said that he would continue to iterate this product in the future, adding more extended functions according to users' needs

at present, mainland Zhiyuan has only one robot product, andI robot. Its chassis design is the core technology of mainland Zhiyuan. Therefore, it also enables andI to cover all terrain, which is crucial to the expansion of its application scenarios

3. inspection robot: just needed to solve the inspection of its own warehouse

in recent years,'s layout on robots has been frequent and extensive. Smart things has previously revealed's robot layout (depth: Liu qiangdong's robot army!)

recently, the second generation inspection robot launched by was officially put into use on's Beijing Asia 1. This product is an upgraded version of Wali, the first generation of inspection robot. From inspection mode to information collection to alarm linkage, the product performance has been comprehensively improved. It can not only plan inspection path through self built map, but also conduct 360 all-round video monitoring, and upload inspection information in real time. At the same time, it can also fuse and judge the fire risk level according to the information of thermal imaging, temperature, humidity and smoke sensor, and independently summon nearby patrol robot Companions to extinguish the fire's inspection robot is developed for the needs of its own warehouse. However, according to insiders,'s inspection robot should be made by partners and not sold externally. But on the other hand, it also points out that there will be a lot of room for the development of inspection robots in closed scenes, especially in e-commerce warehouses

4. Guozi robot: build track type and wheel type diversified product lines

Guozi robot was established in 2011, and its products are mainly for electric power, automobile, rubber tire, logistics, coal, railway and other industries. The products are also very rich, including standard wheeled inspection robots, wheeled inventory inspection robots, wheeled operation inspection robots, and orbital inspection robots

the above figure is Guozi's intelligent security robot product, which integrates various intelligent technologies such as autonomous movement, audio and video intelligent identification, danger warning, intelligent parking space management, and can help people complete the monitoring, patrol and security work in important places. At the same time, it can combine fixed monitoring with the collection and analysis of environmental big data to form a complete security monitoring system, which can effectively avoid various disadvantages of manual patrol and meet the requirements of smart cities, Safety protection requirements for large warehouses, smart communities, various commercial complexes and other places

since China has positioned itself in the power, logistics, railway and other industries from the beginning, it also has a better understanding of user needs. Its products are also very rich, ranging from wheel type to rail type

5. Shenzhou Yunhai: differentiated appearance focuses on outdoor inspection

Shenzhou Yunhai was founded in 2015. At present, there are three products of AVA series: service robot, inspection robot and cleaning robot

AVA inspection robot is suitable for outdoor patrol inspection tasks, and can be widely used in open areas such as factories and airports. Its feature is that it can work around the clock, greatly helping security personnel to reduce inspection blind spots, reduce abnormal response time, reduce unsupervised time, improve inspection efficiency and improve security quality. In terms of professional functions, AVA inspection robot can realize garbage monitoring, vehicle management, environmental monitoring, active early warning and other functions, and can also carry out data linkage and analysis with the background

the security robot of Shenzhou Yunhai is slightly different from the previous models in shape. It adopts the shape of the vehicle, which also means that this product is only suitable for outdoor patrol inspection. If this is a differentiated design, it should be noted that this will also limit the scope of application of the product to a certain extent

6. Avenue Zhichuang: expand application scenarios by opening SDK

Avenue Zhichuang was founded in 2015, and is a professional enterprise engaged in the development and application of machine vision technology. One year after its establishment, Dadao Zhichuang launched the security inspection robot e-Patrol machine sheriff. The robot is equipped with 360 degree real-time panoramic monitoring, and integrates thermal imaging system, ultrasonic array, infrared array, TOF depth camera and planar lidar multi-sensor to collect environmental information

combined with hardware products, Daozhi has entered the fast lane of benign development, and Chuang has also built a corresponding intelligent control center to collect real-time video monitoring, robot status and position feedback, on-site environmental information, etc., and through in-depth learning algorithm, analyze the monitoring video in real time to monitor and warn of abnormal conditions. Subsequently, it will seamlessly connect to the existing community management system through the open SDK interface. Gradually form a dynamic security service operation system of security robots and security monitoring systems

as we mentioned earlier, the 20 security robots unveiled at Shenzhen North Railway Station this spring are actually the security robots created by Dadao Zhichuang. However, judging from the design of its chassis, this product may be more inclined to move in areas where the indoor ground is relatively stable. However, this product is very recognizable in shape design

in addition, Xianzhi robot invested by covos, keloud robot, a subsidiary of Haier holdings, Junwang robot invested by China Science and technology maker college, and Luxi robot, which has just been established, are also developing security robots. Zhidongxi also learned that youbixuan will also launch security inspection robot products at this year's world robot conference

second, timely handling of dangerous situations is its advantage

security robot is one of the subdivisions of the service robot industry. In terms of use scenarios, security robots are widely used. Airports, warehouses, parks, hazardous chemical enterprises, banks, business centers, communities, etc. all need patrol inspection and safety protection

traditional security basically relies on manpower to patrol, but with the disappearance of China's demographic dividend, the security industry also has a loss rate of up to 55%, and many units are increasingly difficult to recruit security guards. In the future, few people are willing to work in this highly repetitive and simple job. Therefore, driven by this rigid demand, security robots came into being. Because it can operate 24 hours a day, a security patrol robot can beat three security personnel to perform patrol tasks

however, at present, the security robot can not completely replace manpower, and its purpose is to assist human beings to complete the security protection work under the complete control of human beings

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