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Zhang Jie: how to transform and upgrade forklift dealers under the new normal

Zhang Jie: how to transform and upgrade forklift dealers under the new normal

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Secretary General Zhang Jie believes that to explore how to transform and upgrade dealers, we must first clarify the current development situation and existing problems of the industry. The most intuitive reflection of these two points is the data of forklift truck market in the past year. Only through scientific analysis can we conclude the development trend of forklift truck market and how the OEMs and dealers should adopt strategies under this trend. At present, China has become the world's largest forklift market for six consecutive years. However, compared with other countries, internal combustion balance weight forklifts still occupy the mainstream position. The market fluctuation in 2015 is also an opportunity to adjust the structure. Compared with 2014, the sales volume of the Chinese market in 2015 decreased by 12%, of which the internal combustion forklift truck decreased by 17.48%, and the electric counterweight forklift truck decreased by 9.8% compared with last year. However, the electric storage truck continued to maintain the growth trend and achieved growth under the background of the new normal. Secretary General Zhang Jie believes that electric forklifts, especially electric storage forklifts, will continue to be a hot spot in the next few years. With the change and improvement of China's market demand, this trend will become more and more obvious. Secretary General Zhang Jie said that in 2007, the sales volume of domestic electric forklifts accounted for only 20% of the total sales volume. After several years of development, the sales volume of electric forklifts in 2015 has reached 27.32% of the total, but compared with other countries in the world, our product structure adjustment still has a long way to go. For example, in Germany, France, Italy and other countries in Europe, the sales volume of electric forklifts has reached more than 85% of the total, that is, the United States and Japan, which have many heavy working conditions, have also been replacing internal combustion forklifts with electric forklifts in recent years, and the proportion of electric forklifts has increased year by year, reaching 60% at present. From the perspective of storage vehicles, the number of storage vehicles in Europe and the United States can basically reach 50% - 60% of the total, or even higher, while in China, the proportion is only 15.86%. Although it has almost doubled compared with 8.26% in 2007, we can see that the development of storage vehicles in China is still in its infancy. With the increase of market demand, dealers of various brands will cooperate with OEMs to promote electric forklifts, especially electric storage vehicles, which will be an important work in the future

pay attention to the geographical and industrial characteristics of users

speaking of product export, Secretary General Zhang Jie said that under the current situation that the domestic economy has entered the new normal and the demand has declined, doing a good job in product export is undoubtedly another key direction for enterprises to pay attention to and implement. It can not only open up new markets, make up for the lack of domestic market demand, but also truly promote their brands to the world. However, when choosing foreign markets, we must be clear-minded and understand the needs and characteristics of local users, so as to launch products and services suitable for local users. Secretary General Zhang pointed out that taking the American market as an example, the American market fell by 2.17% in 2015. Relatively speaking, the developed countries in North America with high risk resistance increased their sales more, and the market was in the rising stage, which was less affected by external changes, while the developing countries in South America were greatly affected by external factors. Therefore, Chinese enterprises should consider the local market situation before making a decision when choosing to explore the market. At present, the markets of developed countries in Europe and the United States are generally stable, while the Asian market is affected by the Chinese market, with a decrease of 6.39%. The total sales volume in Africa and Oceania is less, which has little impact

in addition to choosing the region to open up the market, dealers should also pay attention to the industry of users in the process of promotion. From last year, the demand of transportation, warehousing and logistics industries is strong, especially the market development activities carried out by some brands in the logistics park have achieved preliminary success. It can be expected that this will become a very popular direction in the near future. In addition, dealers should expand their business scope. In addition to forklift sales, forklift product leasing should also be a hot spot for future development. It can be seen that even in the context of the new normal, new business opportunities are still emerging. As a product dealer, we should be good at discovering market trends, capturing opportunities and winning opportunities

in a word, from the overall situation, the world forklift truck market still shows an overall growth trend, emerging economies are in the period of adjustment, and the market demand of major economies is gradually recovering. As for the Chinese market, due to the impact of the slowdown in economic growth, the demand for industrial vehicles in traditional industries has declined. In contrast, the demand for material handling equipment in emerging industries such as logistics, warehousing and distribution has increased, which has significantly changed the overall market structure. From the perspective of 2010, the domestic market urgently needs the upgrading and adjustment of industrial structure to solve the problem of homogeneous competition that has always existed in the market. Secretary General Zhang Jie said that in the era of market expansion in previous years, price competition has even continued to the export field. To build a good market order, these bad habits must be changed. In addition, the development of Chinese brands in the international market and the use of overseas resources are also things that enterprises must pay attention to when expanding overseas markets. Secretary General Zhang Jie pointed out that in addition to technology and quality, the improvement of competitive soft power is also very important. At present, the R & D, innovation ability, integration ability, channel integration management ability, basic management ability, flexible manufacturing ability and global service ability in the industry are uneven, and there is a large gap with foreign brands. Facing the high-end electric storage vehicles and intelligent products that have always been the advantages of foreign-funded enterprises, Overall solutions have gradually become a new way to expand the market. It is said that HP and BASF are ready to strengthen their cooperation. The participation of forklift enterprises in pre-sales and after-sales market development and program formulation is obviously not enough; The development of e-commerce, used cars, fleet management and other businesses in the domestic market lags behind. Although these thoughts have attracted great attention in the industry in the past two years, there is still a lot of development space and potential, which requires domestic OEMs, dealers and service providers to invest more energy and take further actions to catch up

some suggestions for dealers

after the previous high-speed growth stage, the industrial vehicle market is about to enter the new normal stage of technology improvement and growth deceleration, and the whole industry is about to enter the stage of product structure adjustment. At this stage, the first is the continuous growth of electric vehicles, which is expected to reach about 40% of the total sales in 2020. In the transformed market, we should see the weaknesses and deficiencies of domestic brands, and really calm down to do a good job in market research and product development. Secondly, at this stage, the situation of homogeneous competition and low-cost competition will be improved due to the further improvement of national emission requirements and the increase of user requirements for product performance, and intelligent, automated and differentiated products will be widely recognized. Post market business will gradually become one of the main businesses of manufacturers and dealers, internationalization will also become the focus and trend, and mergers and acquisitions, integration and cooperation will continue to accelerate. In this context, dealers and manufacturers must pay attention to the changes in the market situation, make sensitive analysis and adjustments, and must not be conservative, delaying the opportunity to adjust the product structure. In addition, as manufacturers and dealers, we must comply with the national development strategy, speed up the internationalization process, vigorously develop the technical level, and try our best to shorten the gap with the international advanced level. For example, the new energy forklift and intelligent forklift that the country is vigorously promoting will be an important development trend in the future, and interconnection will also be more and more widely used in forklift R & D, management and sales. In addition, more and more attention will be paid to the qualifications and talent training of business entities in the future. Dealers should also improve their qualifications and personnel levels in business and improve their service capabilities

in this regard, Secretary General Zhang Jie put forward some views on the development path of dealers. She said, first of all, dealers should realize that the significance of their own existence lies in long-term growth and development. In the process of strengthening themselves, they must consider what advantages they have in the local market, and how to develop and make use of this advantage, that is, they should pay attention to growth, develop from selling products only to solutions and multi-directional products and services, and constantly think about how to realize profits from single to multi-point, and how to find new growth points, And how to control risks and rely on manufacturers to form a mutually beneficial and win-win situation of continuous progress. Secondly, dealers should improve their marketing innovation ability. In today's highly developed information, they can't rely on the traditional marketing model. They should strive to innovate and constantly introduce brands and services to users, so that users can experience the advantages of your products and services. Under the new situation, it is the buyer's market. Facing the new trend of thought such as the development of e-commerce, dealers need to upgrade, change from dealers to service providers, enrich the original pure profit source of product sales, and form a three-dimensional profit model with product sales as the core and comprehensive service coverage. Instead of just selling products as in the past, we should pay more attention to the customer experience. When selling products, we should not simply explain that the stress and stress of steel become a linear relationship. Instead, we should calculate sub accounts for users. From the perspective of the overall solution of the product, let users know how much value this solution can achieve for them. In addition, we should also actively observe users' use of products, change passive service into active service, and learn the service modes and means of automobile and other industries. As a dealer, we should add a series of factors such as service, leasing and second-hand equipment to the back of sales, and look for profit growth points suitable for our own development. Secretary General Zhang Jie said that for dealers, technology, service and cost control are the three pillars to maintain development. Technological progress can be achieved by manufacturers, and OEMs will also give full support to dealers. Costs can also be controlled by optimizing management and processes. What we need to do now is to improve service awareness and service level. At present, it is gratifying that many enterprises have begun to realize this, and gradually form their own advantages by increasing investment. It is hoped that dealers will cooperate with OEMs to eliminate low price competition and improve service awareness, so as to shape dealers into a stable economic entity with strong pressure resistance and risk resistance

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