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How to go green in packaging materials (I)

the necessity of "greening" packaging materials

first, the development of green packaging is the need to ensure safety and health and human health

food and drug commodities use a large number of packaging, many of which are also in direct contact with packaging materials. If the packaging does not meet the requirements of health standards, even if the formula and production process of food and drugs are strictly controlled, these commodities will also be harmful to human body due to packaging pollution, so we must attach great importance to the safety and hygiene of packaging materials

secondly, the development of green packaging is the need to protect the natural environment, develop the national economy and improve people's quality of life

natural environment is a necessary condition for our survival. With the continuous development of science and technology, human influence on nature is increasing. On the one hand, people's ability to develop and utilize natural resources is constantly improving, and at the same time, the possible negative effects of human activities on nature and human beings themselves are also increasing, and some of these negative effects can't be eliminated or can't be eliminated in the short term. Therefore, we are required to pay more attention to environmental protection, safety and health, and resource conservation. Many cases such as the so-called "white pollution" and the pollution of industrial wastewater to river systems caused by insufficient attention to the disposal of waste materials such as plastic packaging materials have brought great harm to national construction. We should draw profound lessons from it, vigorously carry out green packaging work, and prevent packaging from causing irreparable harm to the environment throughout its life cycle

thirdly, the development of green packaging is the need to participate in the fierce international market competition and break trade barriers

after China's accession to the WTO, trade barriers between countries will gradually decrease, and the so-called "national treatment" advocated by the market economy will be replaced. In order to protect their domestic market, industrialized countries are inconvenient to use measures such as raising tariffs, and often restrict the entry of goods from other countries by raising the threshold of green packaging standards. In order to meet the needs of China's commodity export, we must vigorously develop the green packaging industry to meet the needs of China's foreign trade

finally, the development of green packaging is the need to save resources and ensure the return of China's coal prices to the smooth development of socialist construction. Saving resources is not only of universal significance to human sustainable development, but also of special significance to China, a country with a large population and relatively scarce resources

favorable conditions for realizing the "greening" of packaging materials

at present, the bulk of packaging materials used include paper, plastic, metal, glass, wood, etc., most of which have the basic conditions for realizing green packaging. Even with the rapid growth in the number of applications, plastic packaging materials, once regarded as the main culprit of "white pollution" and requiring great efforts to carry out "greening", have many advantages in packaging "greening". The advantages of plastic packaging materials in "greening" are summarized as follows:

1 Plastic packaging materials can obtain good hygiene and safety. The basic raw materials used in plastic packaging materials are various polymer compounds. Generally, they all have good hygienic properties. As long as we strictly control the monomer content and the selection and application of additives, the hygienic properties of plastic packaging materials can be guaranteed

2. Most of the bulk varieties of plastic used for the metal frame antenna partition strip packaging materials of Xiaomi 4 can achieve cleaner production and avoid environmental pollution

3. Plastic packaging materials are basically thermoplastics, which can be heated and melted for many times, and have the properties of recycling and recycling

4. Most plastic packaging materials are combustible, and waste can also be treated by incineration and heat energy can be recovered

5. In recent years, the development and application of degradable plastics have created favorable conditions for solving the problem of environmental pollution caused by waste plastic packaging materials

beneficial enlightenment from the prevention and control of white pollution in China

1 The development of packaging must attach great importance to environmental protection

since the end of the last century, China has gradually entered the period of market economy. After vigorously developing commodity production, the production and application of packaging has also been greatly developed. However, for a long time, its components have not been defined, and insufficient attention has been paid to environmental protection, and the negative impact of the production and application of packaging on the environment has become increasingly serious. The destruction of plastic packaging waste to the environment has formed serious white pollution; In particular, it should be noted that there are similar situations in the production and application of other packaging materials, such as the pollution of sewage in the papermaking process to river systems, and so on, which can not be ignored. Therefore, the development of packaging must attach great importance to environmental protection

2. The development of green packaging must be guided by the scientific concept of development

the development of green packaging is a systematic project, which requires scientific planning, scientific organization and implementation, and try to adopt new scientific and technological achievements in the implementation process, so as to achieve ideal results

Shanghai took the lead in making great progress in dealing with the environmental pollution caused by disposable expanded polystyrene tableware in China, realizing the harmless treatment of disposable expanded polystyrene tableware waste, and the recycling rate reached more than 70%. On the basis of learning from foreign advanced experience and under the organization and coordination of Shanghai municipal waste management office, the production unit of disposable expanded polystyrene tableware will contribute (each tableware will pay a treatment fee of 3 cents) and organize a special recycling network to be responsible for the recycling work; Establish a plant next to the sewage treatment plant to undertake the task of regeneration; Digest and utilize the advanced technology of recycling waste foamed plastics in Taiwan, and with the help of the production capacity of the sewage treatment plant, conduct harmless treatment of the sewage generated in the regeneration process of disposable expanded polystyrene tableware waste. This is a good case

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