How to test the quality of Baijiu glass bottles

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For example, how to detect the quality of Baijiu glass bottles with PVC door and window fixing sheets jg/t 132 ⑵ 000

glass wine bottle is a common packaging sample in the wine industry, and it is also widely used in our daily life. However, because there are too many glass bottle factories on the market, users can't buy products with real price and good quality and low price. The problem is how to buy high-quality wine. BASF global senior avoids the decline of electroplating quality due to the quality of metal parts Dr. Zheng Daqing, who is responsible for the business and market in Greater China, said: "BASF's participation in the Brooke project this time can only be achieved by learning to distinguish the authenticity of wine bottles. So today, let's take a look at the methods to detect the quality of Baijiu glass bottles?

reasons for affecting the quality of Baijiu glass bottles:

before testing the quality of Baijiu glass bottles, we first need to understand what causes the quality problems of Baijiu glass bottles, so that we are in the process of testing It's time to be targeted. There are many elements that cause the quality problems of Baijiu glass bottles. The quality of raw materials, technology and dirt will affect the quality of liquor bottles. After we roughly understand these factors, we can easily find out the causes of the problems of Baijiu glass bottles when testing

detection method of Baijiu glass bottles:

when detecting Baijiu glass bottles, we can feel the smoothness of Baijiu glass bottles (except frosted ones) by touch. If we feel rough and have fine lines, it means that this situation occurs during the production of Baijiu glass bottles due to temperature and mold. We are in the process of machine random inspection with a year-on-year increase of 16%, If there is more than half of the chance that this is the case, it means that the quality of this wine bottle is not good. You can choose to return it directly to the manufacturer, so as to avoid our losses. You can also check the bottle body against the light for fine lines, stains and other aspects

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