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How can the wolves in the auto parts industry survive in the cracks

according to the data, as of June 30, 2016, the number of motor vehicles in the country has reached 285million, including 184million vehicles and 13.28 million newly registered vehicles; The number of motor vehicle drivers is 342million, of which 296million are motor vehicle drivers. According to relevant statistics, the cake of China's automotive aftermarket is as high as 800 billion, and all industries have seen the huge potential of the automotive aftermarket

who doesn't want to share a piece of such a big cake

driven by huge interests, a group of elites with advanced thinking entered the automotive aftermarket with huge equipment "Internet +" to kill the "intermediate link" and create a heavy vertical o2o mode with powerful cosmetic surgery (according to incomplete statistics, so far, cross-border capital injection of about 60billion). Its brutality is no less than aggression

interconnection is to help traditional industries operate and manage better. Do not think that you can use Internet thinking to eliminate the "intermediate links" without integrity, so as to subvert the traditional channel mode. Forcibly turn a popular Internet + into a troublemaker that everyone hates. Don't forget that the intermediate link is an indispensable and important part of the automotive aftermarket. Internet access to the automotive market has brought panic to traditional offline stores, which is one-sided; Everyone who comes from the traditional industry has gone through a lot of hardships. If this passage of words is dirty, they come step by step. How can they be so arrogant without really going through the market and realizing the real ability of the market

in China, if we change and subvert consumption by burning money and relying on preferential subsidies, we should at least consider the following seven points:

1. Consumption habits

as we all know, discount promotions and other activities in major shopping malls attract a large number of consumers to shop during holidays, but after mania, we will soon return to rationality (consumers and businesses). If it continues, it will become the norm and businesses can't stand it, Consumers will also return to rationality. Whether they should buy or not, they will not buy. The same is true of the automotive aftermarket. When the Internet enters the automotive aftermarket, it uses the way of burning money to subsidize users to earn traffic and improve visibility. In the short term, the effect is really good. In the long term, enterprises need to make profits, and it is impossible to continue to receive such subsidies and concessions

2. Types of accessories

there are tens of thousands of parts and components of a car. All the parts and components of the car add up to realize the comprehensive protection of experimental facilities, which is tens of millions of kinds. No matter how much it costs to find these parts and components, can e-commerce platforms accurately find these parts and components? Are the service staff capable of providing service

3. The traditional auto parts industry is not afraid that e-commerce platforms will rob our business

but worried about information transparency, which will make the already competitive market more popular, and offline stores will make less and less money; But it is not to be killed by e-commerce. Besides, how can your e-commerce company install it for car owners and find a repair shop? Do you know that others must be willing

4. The coverage of offline stores in cities, counties, towns and cities can be said to be saturated.

offline stores must have his reason to survive. It can be said that they, such as the 3-yuan cathode material market, which is dominated by ncm523, local warlords firmly grasp the resources of the automotive aftermarket in this region

5. In fact, most offline stores do not have a very urgent demand for e-commerce platforms

not to mention fear, and some are still very disgusted, because e-commerce platforms make information too transparent, and make less and less profits. In the short term, it is an impact, but most customers still adopt the principle of proximity for maintenance and repair. Even if the e-commerce platform is much cheaper, few car owners are willing to spend too much time on consumption. For example, your car needs to be replaced with a battery. The store next door needs 500 yuan, and the e-commerce platform needs 450 yuan. If you go to the e-commerce platform to buy a replacement, it will take two days to arrive. Which one do you prefer

6. In general, the impact of o2o platform on stores is not serious

but to create another sales Road and usher in a new business pattern. In a word, the convenient service of traditional offline stores cannot be achieved by o2o e-commerce platform at present

7. What we do in various industries in the Chinese market is more than just service.

what we do in this large country of human relations is more about relationship, human relations and reputation. Now many offline repair plants have accounting periods, and the product model matching is not clear. Middlemen can easily help them solve these things

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