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How does the packaging industry tap new opportunities

the packaging industry is currently facing great pressure to improve efficiency and explore new opportunities. The deterioration of the economic situation in the United States and Europe, the tightening of bank credit and the inflation of input costs are eating into the benefits of packaging enterprises. Explain the characteristics of pendulum impact testing machine and daily maintenance. The question now is: how fast can our industry respond

no industry can be immune from the impact of the credit crunch, but when the economic foundation of major markets is constantly weakened, the liquidity in the credit market has become active

negative economic data are still coming to our eyes. The experimental steps have shaken the confidence of American manufacturers

the survey results of China Yongdao international accounting company show that most American industrial manufacturers are pessimistic about the coming year. The strong profit pressure of developing new packaging systems and drug delivery devices has cooled their enthusiasm to expand production scale

in fact, many developed countries are now in an unfavorable situation of economic weakness. The organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD), whose members are all economic powers in Europe, North America and Asia, recently released the growth index of industrial productivity and pointed out that many of its member countries have experienced a slowdown in economic growth

although these macroeconomic trends have had a wide impact on the social economy, its impact on the packaging field has just begun to appear. Since last year, there are more and more signs that experts have timely answered more than 600 questions about the verification and calibration technology of epidemic prevention related instruments encountered by first-line personnel, indicating that the forest products industry in Europe has felt strong profit pressure, And has a negative impact on the paper and paperboard industry

in addition, other factors also contributed to the decline in the profits of the entire packaging industry

affected by the continuous rise of aluminum price, other packaging fields also feel great pressure, including the bronzing market. Although the supply of aluminum materials is sufficient all over the world, its consumption in the global market is very large every day, and the price changes greatly. Because the production process of aluminum materials requires a lot of energy, this industry is more vulnerable to the impact of rising energy costs.

in addition, China accounts for a large proportion of the global aluminum industry, and our production capacity has also been greatly improved in recent years. However, the shortage of energy has forced the Chinese government to impose export taxes on aluminum to control the energy demand of this industry. If the aluminum used by bronzing enterprises comes from China or other countries, they may face greater price pressure

An official of the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association said recently: we have realized that China has been a net exporter of aluminum in the first four months of this year, but in order to ensure the balance of China's aluminum trade environment, we will reduce exports in the future to reduce the demand for raw materials in the international market

the depression of the macroeconomic environment, the contraction of market demand, the rise of production costs and adverse changes in foreign exchange rates mean that the packaging industry must make more efforts to obtain higher profits in difficult times

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