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How to survive the fierce attack of customized home furnishings

in recent years, the customized home furnishing industry has risen rapidly because it can grasp the pain points that consumers want to improve space utilization and personalized consumption. But the emergence of new things also means the demise of old things. While customized furniture is booming, the traditional finished furniture market has been strongly impacted. Many finished furniture enterprises want to move closer to the customized home furnishing industry to seek survival. Can the transformation of customized home furnishing industry really find a way out? Has the finished furniture industry really come to an end? Everything is still unknown

for finished furniture enterprises, home customization makes people "like a big enemy". The reason why it is terrible is that it is completely overturned in the product design and research, which is the most proud product of finished furniture enterprises, that is, the idea of product development will be completely different. Customized furniture enterprises generally follow such a routine. Some have appeared, while others have not yet surfaced, but are quietly laying out

the first step is to take customization as the entry point and win the large cabinet market, mainly cabinets and wardrobes, followed by bookcases and living room cabinets

the second step is to intercept the successful market share of cabinet customization, aiming at all categories of the whole house, so as to expand the customer unit price and improve the market share. Because the finished furniture of these enterprises is not dominant, they called out the slogan of "full house customization". Although this is a cry, it can occupy a favorable situation in terms of momentum and influence. In fact, whether opposed or not, the effect has been achieved

third, although the second step is not far away, the success of the second step can win a buffer time to calmly think, layout, try and make mistakes and pave the way for the future. This is the most terrible thing for the sleeping traditional finished furniture enterprises

in the face of these horrors and anxieties, many enterprises consciously or unconsciously move closer to customization, but obviously, it is very difficult for a finished furniture enterprise to transform customized production - whether in equipment, technology, products, operation, market, management

then, where is the future outlet of finished furniture? Is it based on one mu of land? Or cross-border integration towards customization

customization is popular and meets the demand

in fact, customized furniture is not new and has not appeared only in recent years. It is complementary to the sales of finished furniture products

previously, home customization was mainly based on cabinets and wardrobes, including the well-known customized home brands in the market. Although the slogan of full house customization has been launched, the priority is also very obvious. There is a significant difference between furniture, especially suite furniture, and traditional finished furniture enterprises

as an emerging market, customized home furnishings have made rapid progress in recent years. The momentum of development in the large home furnishing industry is known as opening up a blue ocean market. A trend of customization has been set off in the tightly structured furniture industry. Enterprises continue to try to start from hotel engineering customization and gradually move towards civil customization

in recent years, some well-known and powerful brand enterprises in the furniture industry have begun to launch customization, and even their main business has shifted to home customization and whole house customization. From the early concept of big home and overall home, sofa enterprises launched suites, restaurants and other products, suite furniture enterprises launched Furniture Customization, to some powerful brand enterprises directly increased cabinet and wardrobe production lines, and made the slogan of whole house customization, we can see this prairie fire trend

in fact, this prairie fire depends largely on the design difference between customized home furnishings and finished furniture. This is reflected in three aspects: first, the satisfaction of basic product needs; Second, the space demand is fully suitable for the needs of industrialized 3D printing technology, including the storage and other space structures; Third, the satisfaction of lifestyle needs

then, what is the core demand of the market for customized household products? In fact, for any category or any new way, the ultimate core demand is the people's pursuit of a better home life

for example, the core of our pursuit of customized home design is to highlight personality, practicality and space utilization. It turns out that the design of finished furniture by many enterprises is the differentiation of furniture itself and the shaping of the value of furniture itself; Now, many enterprises do space packaging as a way of life. If people's lifestyle is customized, the development of enterprises will naturally be smooth

obviously, there are many difficulties for finished furniture

the road of transformation is blocked and long.

we know that the production standard and mode of finished furniture are relatively simple, and the nature of furniture allows assembly line and large-scale production, which has relatively low requirements for machinery and equipment, production process and technology

however, customized furniture is different. As a non-standard product, the production needs of each user may be different, which puts forward high requirements for equipment and process level. Even well-known customized brands such as Shangpin home furnishing, europay and Sofia have the pain point of late delivery, which shows how difficult the production of customized furniture is. Therefore, if the finished furniture brand wants to transform and customize, it means to eliminate all current production equipment and introduce new advanced equipment and technology. And this requires a huge sum of money

as mentioned above, the demand for customized furniture varies from person to person. Ordering and order review will affect the accuracy of production. If the whole process is not systematic or completed manually, it is easy to make mistakes and ultimately affect user satisfaction. Therefore, before cross-border customization, finished furniture brands should establish a clear and smooth operation system and dredge all links

design is also related to production. If you can't even provide design services, how can it be customized? Customization is not simply changing the size and color. In addition to the personalization of the product itself, customized furniture attracts. 3. After the computer software is online, a prompt box appears to show that overloaded users or enterprises are tested by their services

for example, terminal services, that is, how to help terminal dealers conduct business operations. The interests of dealers and brands are closely related, which cannot be ignored. At present, customized brands help dealers in different ways. Some brands have built professional training teams to strengthen the professionalism of dealers through national tour training. Some have opened classes for dealers across the country to watch and learn

it can be said that although the customization field is a big fat meat, it is not easy to seize food. Furniture brands need to be fully prepared in terms of manufacturing mode, design, operation system and service system, which requires a lot of financial support. Enterprises need to carefully measure whether they have this strength

turn integration into fragmentation and seek a way out

conditional transformation and customization, what about unconditional? await one's doom? Obviously not

we know that traditional finished products (taking suites as an example) manufacturers are used to developing products one by one, and suites are usually incompatible. As a result, there are more and more series, and the product families are more and more complex. It is difficult to give up when the sales performance of a certain suite is poor. Some become zombie products. The production system is under increasing pressure, and the production capacity is greatly limited. Advanced hardware equipment cannot play its due role, and the inventory is high, and the capital is cut off

a common problem of finished furniture enterprises is that they constantly launch new product series of high-performance separation membrane materials to meet the changing consumer market. However, the product life cycle is shorter and shorter, and the development is more and more frequent. After all, they are exhausted and helpless. This is a road that cannot be sustained at all. In the past, it was successful because it has not met competitors who master advanced ideas and means

for customized enterprises, although they lack the series development ability of suite furniture, they have a deep understanding of the concept of standardization, and have a better understanding and pious attitude towards the concept of "parts are products"

at present, the traditional suite furniture has been broken up. Of course, this does not mean that the furniture no longer needs matching, but will be completed in another way, that is, reorganization. Reorganization refers to switching from the original practice of developing a series of products to building a standardized parts platform first, and then adding non-standard components to form any product you want

once this platform is built, it can be split by mushroom model, so as to achieve unlimited assembly and output with a limited number of parts to meet the diversified and even personalized needs of customers

some analysts believe that the development of traditional sets is that enterprises forcibly push their own "complete" products to the market, and the thinking of parts platform means that there is no final product in the factory, which will appear only after customers choose and install it. It is self-evident which way can better meet the needs of customers; At the same time, it is not difficult to imagine which way is more economical and scientific

it can be said that for many traditional finished suite furniture enterprises, if they are no longer sober and do not change in the already white hot competitive environment, there will be a risk of being further squeezed or even eliminated. This is only from the perspective of product development ideas. In addition, the degree of informatization, channel innovation, big data construction, cross-border integration thinking and so on are threatening traditional enterprises

in fact, whether finished products or customized products, their ultimate goal is the same, that is, to meet the needs of consumers more conveniently, economically and more yuan

customization is an upgraded version of finished furniture, and its rise also reflects consumers' extreme desire for space utilization and personalized needs. If the finished furniture industry does not take action and actively carry out industrial upgrading and transformation, it will be easily eliminated by this market. However, no matter the customized home furnishing industry or the finished furniture industry, they still focus on solving the fundamental needs of consumers

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