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How can the glass protective film be torn off after being exposed to the sun

glass film has become more and more common in our life. Learning to apply film by yourself saves manual cost and is perfect. When we choose to buy, we have been aiming to improve the high-end level of film blowing machines, such as sunscreen and privacy prevention. We can see the relevant parameters on the glass sticker. For example, we will focus on the heat insulation rate of sunscreen glass stickers, and we will focus on the material, hardness and toughness of explosion-proof membranes. At the same time, there is a problem that people will worry about, that is, the glass protective film has been exposed to the sun for a long time, and then what is the way to tear it off. Next, I will take you to know what is the way to tear off the glass protective film that has been exposed to the sun

there are the following ways:

1. Add a little mixture of ammonia and turpentine with soap to remove many stubborn dirt on the glass with a distance of 20mm

2. Some surfaces can be removed by repeatedly sticking and tearing with transparent adhesive with good viscosity

3. Wipe it off with a little dilute sodium water, or use paint thinner

4. You can dry it with an electric hair dryer and then scrape it gently

5. Wipe with a cotton swab dipped in nail washing water

6. Wipe with essential balm

7. Wipe with special detergent or sports shoe detergent

8. The 4B rubber used for drawing is a very soft Korean rubber. Relevant standards: BBT 0024 ⑵ 004 leather can wipe it off

9. If the traces that have remained for a long time have hardened, and the upper space can realize all material tests in terms of tension, you can soften them with a hot towel before wiping them

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