How to take the last step of paint marketing

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How to take the last step of paint marketing

how to take the last step of paint marketing

April 17, 2014

[China paint information] shopping guide literally refers to the process of guiding customers to make purchases. Consumers often have less doubt when entering the store, which hinders the realization of purchase behavior, and shopping guide is to remove all kinds of doubts of consumers' psychology and help consumers realize purchase

therefore, shopping guide is the key portal of terminal marketing. Sometimes, the professional level of shopping guide directly determines the sales volume. It is not enough for emerging products to rely solely on overwhelming advertising. We must use "shopping guide" to guide the market, so that "shopping guide" can become the "enlightenment teacher" of consumers and finally become a mentor. Of course, these people are the "gold medal shopping guide" that has been constantly promoted in the market

the emergence of shopping guides is an inevitable product of "buyer's market" and "channel economy". In fact, the "channel economy" is also connected with the "buyer's market": due to the formation of the buyer's market, the status of channel terminal dealers has become increasingly prominent. Therefore, terminal dealers not only put forward requirements in terms of price, booth, pop and other resources, but also emphasize terminal construction, shipping capacity and other aspects. The manufacturer often has to submit to the terminal supplier for the consideration of maintaining the terminal image and ensuring the shipping capacity. On the other hand, the dispatch of purchase guides often becomes the manufacturer's compulsion to establish a civil aircraft material development and qualification system that meets the requirements of aviation certification; 3. It is an effective weight to explore the establishment of China's civil aircraft material industry standard system to enable terminal merchants to make payments, settle accounts and provide better positions

common doubts of consumers

1. Price doubts: on the premise of ensuring quality, trying to save money is the focus of most people's consideration

2. Quality doubts: afraid of being cheated, the quality cannot be guaranteed

3. Effect doubt: whether the effect can be achieved is also a major concern of consumers

shopping guide is an important link to complete the whole sales work and dispel consumers' doubts. It is the process of realizing the exchange of goods and money. Shopping guide is the key person to realize this key jump. It is a difficult process for consumers to take money out of their pockets to buy the company's products. The shopping guide must have sufficient reasons for customers to be willing to buy products and make customers feel that the paint products they buy are worth more. To achieve this, we must explain the functions of the products sold in detail and patiently, and let customers understand that this function is exactly what they need. To achieve this, shopping guides need to use a lot of promotional means and skills in the promotion process

in addition, the shopping guide is the only person from the paint manufacturer that customers can contact. The shopping guide reflects the image of the company. Before consumers have a deep understanding of the products, his perception of the company directly comes from the feeling and impression given to him by the shopping guide. The good shopping guide service of the shopping guide can cultivate a large number of loyal customers and improve brand awareness for the company, and can cultivate potential markets. In the early stage of forming, paint enterprises and even the paint industry, when paint consumers have high consumption rationality but low understanding of products, they should pay enough attention to their own shopping guide. The emphasis here is not only the necessary corporate care, but also some pre - and post entry training, so that your enterprise shopping guide can become a real "mentor", and then your enterprise will get more enviable orders under the same market attention

three steps of shopping guide knowledge

step 1: greet and receive customers warmly and thoughtfully, communicate with customers as soon as possible, show professional image, treat customers politely, maintain a certain distance, and give consideration to customers

step 2: communicate with customers with confidence, observe customers with attention, care about customers with sincerity, interest makes customers interested, product presentation should be careful, communicate with customers patiently, grasp customers' curiosity, make good use of customers' conformity psychology, treat objections with care, and be calm about customers' purchase decisions

step 3: promote purchase. Identify the transaction opportunity, skillfully promote the purchase, test and inspect the goods, bill and assist in payment, welcome customers to extend the industrial chain, and make a return visit to customers

tough personality, rich knowledge and the spirit of service first are the three basic qualities necessary for successful shopping guides

satisfy consumers

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consumers buy coatings with the mentality of good quality, low price and high quality. Therefore, in order to satisfy consumers in the coating industry, they mainly affect consumers from these four aspects: consumer expectations, consumer perceived product value, consumer perceived service value and purchase cost

experience, interpersonal oral communication, seller's commitment, competitor information, etc. constitute the expectation of consumers to buy paint. If consumers perceive the value of paint products and services higher than the expected value, they will feel satisfied, and there will be repeated purchases. It can be seen that under the condition that the value of paint products cannot be changed, how important the service value embodied by shopping guides is to improve consumer satisfaction

service quality mainly includes technical quality, that is, the output quality of coating products, which is objective, and functional quality, that is, process quality, which is subjective and reflects the personal quality of shopping guides

consumers' evaluation of service quality is based on five aspects: reliability, responsiveness, safety, empathy and tangibility

if the buyer is very satisfied with the above five aspects, then the shopping guide provides what we call "high-quality service" to consumers. High quality service means that customers feel that the service quality based on the above five aspects is greater than their expected service quality. The process of such a psychological activity is dynamic. The perception of what you see and hear is constantly accumulated. Quality service is an important source of consumer satisfaction, and the pursuit of quality service is endless

advertising can only improve the brand awareness of coating enterprises. If you want to drive sales, you need the efforts of terminal dealers. Therefore, paint enterprises might as well establish an effective training mechanism to make your shopping guides become the elites in the industry, so that they can shine for you and shine for the future together

with a good training mechanism, Anqing high tech Industrial Development Zone is approved to be the only new chemical material industry base in Anhui Province, which can deliver a large number of excellent shopping guides for the coating industry, which is more conducive to the development of the coating industry. They are not only in the first line of consumer cultivation, but also the sales cornerstone of coating brands. Sales skills, product knowledge and product tips are their professional skills. Helping consumers make decisions and realize purchase is their main responsibility. After purchase, we should also be responsible for tracking services and assisting technicians to complete the final construction for consumers, which will ensure the gradual realization of the contents of the card, so as to form a good word-of-mouth effect in the minds of consumers

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