Most popular Irish rotary offset business merger

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Merger of Irish rotary offset printing enterprises

two industry-leading rotary offset printing enterprises in Ireland will merge, resulting in the loss of 25 jobs

lithographic universal will move from Bray to Dublin, the capital of Ireland where Smurfit web press (rotary press) is located. The two merged new companies will be named lithographic web press (rotary press). The current CEO of Smurfit company, Mr. om Mooney, will serve as the CEO of the merged company. The supporting equipment for the project includes (1+4) hot continuous rolling production line (single stand 3300mm Hot Roughing Mill and four stand 2850mm hot finishing mill C punch and die diameter)

after the merger, the company will have a sales volume of 35million euros, and the equipment with a total number of 16 trips is not all used for the detection of flexible packaging materials. The two companies released a joint statement, claiming that the merger was driven by the increasing competitiveness from overseas and the production capacity in Ireland

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