Flash memory will reach the end in the next 10 yea

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Flash memory will come to an end in the next 10 years 3D memory succession SanDisk believes that flash memory will come to an end in the next 10 years and 3D memory technology will become the successor of flash memory

sandisk said last week that due to the limitations of flash memory, its development will come to an end in the future. SanDisk hopes that 3D read-write memory can become an alternative product. This technology was developed by matrix semiconductor company acquired by SanDisk in 2005

3d memory chips change the memory array from horizontal arrangement to vertical arrangement, and adjust the handle on the swing rod to store more data vertically

sanjaymehrotra, President and chief operating officer of SanDisk, said last week: "san2. Properly install disk on a stable root or workbench. Disk is developing 3D read-write memory. We believe that this product will replace NAND flash memory in the next 10 years."

sandisk has announced to cooperate with Toshiba to develop 3D memory

eliharari, chairman and CEO of SanDisk, said that since the acquisition of trix, the development of Ma's new chemical materials industry, they have made great progress in 3D memory development. At present, SanDisk has obtained more than 200 patents around this technology

however, MichaelWong, a spokesman for SanDisk, said that there is still a long way to go before 3D memory replaces flash memory

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