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The flame retardant masterbatch of Wujin functional new material park is widely popular

the functional new material industrial park of Wujin economic development zone in Changzhou City achieved a sales revenue of 4.9 billion yuan this month, a year-on-year increase of 74.2%. It is expected that the annual plan of 6billion yuan will be successfully completed throughout the year, nearly double that of 2010. "By 2013, the annual sales will reach 15billion yuan." It is amazing how fast it has developed. The person in charge of the administrative committee of Wujin economic development zone confidently said that in the former Changzhou "one core and eight parks" which generally use ordinary speed regulation system, the park started late, but it has full stamina. The park has gathered a number of leading enterprises with leading technology and industry. These "invisible Champions" hold their fingers and take scientific and technological innovation as the engine, greatly enhancing the core competitiveness of the park

at Changzhou flame retardant materials Technology Research Center Co., Ltd., we saw several transparent glass bottles filled with yellow, blue, colorless, pink and other small particles, which are colorful and beautiful. This is not a decoration, but a product masterbatch of halogen-free flame retardant special materials. Cuixiaowen, deputy director of Jiangsu flame retardant materials engineering technology research center, said that the company's production lines and equipment are imported from Germany and designed according to the world's most advanced R & D and production process. After processing, these masterbatches will be widely used in automobiles, home appliances and it high-speed rail. "The sales volume of the company will reach 2.5 billion yuan this year, 4billion yuan next year, and 10billion yuan by 2015."

focusing on scientific and technological innovation, the park has increased the pace of transformation and upgrading. Jiangsu pilot Materials Technology Co., Ltd. was originally engaged in the production and sales of various plastic additives and modified masterbatches. Since last year, the company has planned to transform and upgrade to an emerging industry, set foot in the lithium battery industry of new energy vehicles, and produce the diaphragm, an important component in the lithium battery structure. After a year of planning, in January this year, the company officially signed a technical agreement with the Institute of polymer compounds in St. Petersburg, Russia, to introduce the production process of polyolefin isolation membrane for lithium batteries. Tao Feng, general manager of the company, said that the tax revenue of the coal industry accounted for nearly 60% of the highest fiscal revenue at the same level. After the project is put into operation, the annual output of 10million square meters of lithium battery diaphragm will achieve a sales revenue of 150million yuan

by the end of October this year, 19 new projects had been signed in the park, and more than 20 new material projects were under discussion. The industries involved composite film and sheet materials, graphene, carbon fiber auto parts, nano new materials, orthopaedic materials, soft magnetic materials, etc., forming a multi-level and all-round industrial chain pattern. Focusing on further expanding and strengthening the new material industry, the park has made clear its development goal: by 2013, the industrial scale will be further improved. There are 60 new material enterprises in the park, the industrial structure is further optimized, and well-known enterprises with annual sales revenue of more than 5billion yuan are cultivated, accounting for more than 60% of the total production and sales of industries above the scale of the park. Four listed companies of new materials have been successfully cultivated, and a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises with strong innovation ability have emerged

industry is a high-temperature, high-risk and high-noise industry

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