What tests can the peel tester do

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What tests can the peel tester do?

what tests can the peel tester do?

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what tests can the peel tester do? Today we will talk about this question:

1 Proportional limit: the load can maintain a positive relationship with the elongation within a certain range of self destruction as required. It is planned to realize the production ratio in 2019, and its maximum stress is the proportional limit

2. Elastic coefficient, i.e. Young's modulus of elasticity

definition: the ratio of normal stress component to normal strain in the existing design manual of experimental machine parts in the same phase method. In order to determine the coefficient of rigidity of materials, the higher the value, the stronger the material

3. Elastic deformation: after removing the load, the deformation of the material disappears completely

4. Elastic limit: the maximum stress that the material can bear without permanent deformation

5. Permanent deformation: after removing the load, the material still has residual deformation

6. Yield strength: the quotient obtained by dividing the load with the permanent elongation reaching a specified value by the original sectional area of the parallel part

7. Yield point: when the material is stretched, the deformation increases rapidly and the stress remains unchanged. This point is the yield point. The yield point is divided into upper and lower yield points. Generally, the above yield point is used as the yield point

yield: when the load exceeds the proportional limit, it is no longer proportional to the elongation. The load will drop suddenly, and then fluctuate up and down over a period of time, resulting in great changes in elongation. This phenomenon is called yield

8. Spring K value: the ratio of force component in the same phase with deformation to deformation

9. Effective elasticity and hysteresis loss: when the sample is stretched to a certain elongation or to a specified load at a certain speed on the yield strength testing machine, measure the percentage of the ratio of the work recovered during contraction to the work consumed during extension, which is the effective elasticity; Measure the percentage of the ratio of the energy lost during the elongation and contraction of the sample to the work consumed during the elongation, that is, the hysteresis loss


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